Monday, January 01, 2007

January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!! I promise no more "potty pictures." (And for those of you that are "picture buffs," I have tried several times to upload our Christmas pictures. Obviously, there are too many people that are trying to do the same thing tonight. I will try and upload them as soon as I can. Until then, visit our cousin's site at for pictures of their visit).

I hope your Holiday was a happy one...filled with lots of joy and love! Sorry to sound like a Hallmark card, but Wayne and I are REALLY dreading going back to work tomorrow. I just really am not looking forward to seeing my office or returning voice mails and emails from a week and two days ago. Not even mentioning returning to the beginning of month end! The joys of being an accountant.

Our Christmas was wonderful, but very busy. Alise hung in there all the way, seeing as how she got off her regular routine and schedule. We went to Nana & Papaw's for Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner. We all crashed that afternoon for about two hours (My throat was killing me and I thought I was coming down with Strep; Wayne was still "getting over" the flu; only Baby Girl didn't come down sick over the holidays) and later that afternoon, we went to Aunt Donna's for a fish fry with Uncle Steve's family. Grandma Ruth came by for a brief visit.

Of all Alise's gifts she received from Santa, I think the rocking horse and the tea set were huge hits! She's finally beginning to really rock on the horse and I can't tell you how many "tea parties" she and I have had! She likes her "QVC Baby", too. Right now, she is sitting beside me on the couch feeding her.

Cousin Katie arrived late Wednesday evening and Alise was in Heaven. I think it was extra special for her to finally see pictures on the computer come to life. The two were pretty quiet at first, but they played together so well all weekend. They took baths together, fed their babies, stayed with Nana & Papaw while the grownups went to the Independence Game on Thursday, rode the train together at the mall; hung with their moms while they shopped all Friday afternoon and both of them sacked out in the back seat of the car on the way home. They were worn out! It was so sad to say "good-bye" on Saturday morning.

As for the Independence Game on Thursday, it was great! Would you believe that we left at the middle of the 4th quarter and by the time we made it to the bottom of the stadium, Alabama had scored? By the time we made it to the car, they had scored again and we debated on whether or not we should continue watching the rest of the game from the big screen that we could see from the parking lot. Then, Wayne said, "I've got it t-voed at home," so we opted to head the 90 miles back home, pick up the girls, order pizza and watch the final minutes from our own living room. Of course, we were disappointed that they lost, but we were very surprised of the comeback they made. We're still waiting with bated breath to see who the next head coach will be. I read in the local paper today that Nutt from Arkansas is denying that he has been contacted by Alabama. We'll see.

On Saturday morning, Doug, Mirya, and Katie left and Wayne and Alise went back to bed and crashed for another two hours. By that time, I was ready to get out of the house and go to Dance Warehouse to buy Alise a new gymnastics outfit because they were having a sale. It was pouring down rain all day. We managed to get out and get the outfit and go by and see Nana and Papaw. On Sunday, we slept in and stayed up late ringing in the New Year.....Wayne was on the computer and I was reading a book (more about that another day!). Everyone was shooting fireworks in the neighborhood and I felt bad for not getting Alise some sparklers like I had planned.

Today, we slept in again. I was so glad that Wayne decided not to go to the camp. We went out to eat at Red Lobster for lunch and then Wayne took Alise to see the animals at Pet Smart while I ran down to Target (for what, I have no idea! I've been in that store every day for the last three days!!). We ran into some old friends of ours tin Target hat use to live here. Wayne and I were complaining about having to go to work tomorrow and they were buying stuff to go to Disney World. Needless to say, we were quite jealous! From there, we went to Home Depot. Wayne wanted me to pick out some paint for our bedroom and bathroom. I was like, what if I want to change our bedding? He said, "Well, you better do it soon!" That was not the answer I expected, so I immediately came home and started surfing the internet for bedding...that is, after Alise and I planted some purple pansies that I picked up at Home Depot. That was an experience, let me tell ya! I'd plant and she'd pull up and rearrange! I was constantly having to tell her to stay out of the dirt!

And now, here I am. So tired and no energy. Dreading tomorrow and making mental lists of all the things I need to do. So much Spring cleaning to do! What is it about Christmas that makes you think that it's time to do Spring cleaning? Maybe it's just me. I just last night put our Christmas family portrait in a frame! Go Laura!

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