Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I know, I know. I still haven't posted the pictures on our photosite. I've been so busy this week and we've been concerned about Wayne's grandmother in Alabama. She was put in the hospital on Sunday with pneumonia.

Alise is talking up a storm! She can say "snowman" and "Santa." She says "lights" all the way home and we look for Baby Jesus everyday at First Christian Church on the corner of Forsythe & Loop Road. She started the coughing again tonight and I'm worried that she'll get sick again. Her school has a Christmas tree in the foyer and Alise's picture on her angel ornament is one of the ones on the top. Of course, she isn't smiling! She likes to "sing" the Barney song. She's got the melody down, but not the words.

I've still got Christmas gifts to wrap! I just haven't been in the mood to wrap. I bought Alise another gift. I went to Toys R Us on Monday at lunch and I ended up buying her a high chair for her baby dolls. It is too cute! It's got all these buttons you can push and it says words, makes crying noise, etc. They had a walker, bathtub, and swing that did the same thing, but I liked the high chair best. Wayne has still not finished sanding the doll cradle. Looks like that won't be ready in time for Christmas.

Alise and I are spending the night with Nana & Papaw on Friday night. We're going to her school Christmas party on Saturday morning. Then, Saturday night, we're suppose to go out to eat with Aunt Donna and Uncle Steve. Another busy weekend in store for us.

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