Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Can you believe Alise let me put pig-tails in her hair this morning for school? I couldn't believe it! And she actually left them in!...until I picked her up this afternoon. I don't know how long she kept them in after she got to school, but at least she made it there with them in. Ms. Kathy must have been off today because I didn't see her and like I said, Alise didn't have any in her hair this afternoon. Ms. Beverly told me that yesterday Alise even asked Ms. Kathy to put them in her hair. I just can't believe it!! Saturday is the day, though. We've got an appointment at 9:30 Saturday morning to get her hair cut. Wayne says that I'll regret it, but her bangs are about to drive me crazy! We'll keep the length but just get it shaped up a little.

I'm getting excited about Alise's school Christmas party next Saturday (the 16th). The list was out this morning for parents to sign up for food. I signed up for chips and dip. I was thinking about bringing punch, but I don't have a good punch recipe. Santa is suppose to be there! The party is only an hour and anyone can come (so if any family would like to come, let me know). Nana is going with us. I'm taking my camera and I'll be posting pictures.

For all the Horton's in Alabama....have a great time celebrating Christmas this weekend!! We wish we could be there. But instead, we're having some friends over Saturday night for boiled shrimp and gumbo. Got the "Cajun Christmas" thing going on.

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