Monday, December 04, 2006

Monday, December 4, 2006

We're Shreveport bound on Thursday, December 28th for the Independence Bowl. And the best news of all is that our favorite cousins from Alabama, Doug, Mirya, and Katie, are coming, too! We can't wait for them to get here! I'm off the entire week and Wayne is off that Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Alise was an absolute angel tonight! She helped me make Mexican cornbread. Her big thing now is that she likes to sit on the counter while I'm in the kitchen and watch me (Yes, I do cook!). She thinks the can opener (the one by hand) is just the greatest invention and she likes to help me "turn." She got a little bit of the mix on her white tights and the floor tonight because she had a hard time keeping the whisk in the bowl, but she had fun "stirring like Mommie." She is also beginning to notice the Christmas lights on the way home each day. We spend our whole ride home listening to Christmas music and finding the houses that have lighted "yard ornaments".

I wrapped a few Christmas presents tonight. I hate to wrap! My biggest problem now is finding all the presents I've bought. I started buying in July and now I can't remember where I hid all of them!

Alise's school Christmas Party is Saturday, December 16th ( I think that's the right date) at Grace Episcopal School. Anyone can come. There is suppose to be a visit from Santa Claus. I'm curious to see how Alise is going to act about him! I think Wayne is going to be in the woods. Matter of fact, I'm almost positive he will be. I specifically asked that he stay home this weekend to help with a get-together we're having with our friends at our house this Saturday night. I think he's going into convulsions already about missing a weekend of hunting. Oh, well. The "breather" will do him good!

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