Friday, December 22, 2006

Friday, Decmeber 22, 2006

The doll has arrived!! The fact that 24 hours ago, it was still in North Carolina just blows my mind! Those UPSers are some kind of wonderful and that includes my husband....who continues to work despite the fact that he's sick. I keep telling him, "Baby, you're being Santa Claus to alota those kids out there!" And tonight, one of his co-workers was a Santa to Alise. The doll arrived at 5:30 tonight. I tore into it and fell in love with "Lissi." Although batteries weren't included, I am chomping at the bit to buy some tomorrow to try her out! I've decided to hold the Cabbage Patch doll until May and just give Alise the Lissi doll for Christmas. I've also decided that the swing that came with it is too much and we'll hold that for a later date, too. According to the instructions, you push her right hand and she says, "Mama"; her left hand says "Papa"; her right foot makes her cry and her left foot makes her laugh. She also makes eating and sucking noises with her bottle, burps and sleeps. I think she's going to like it.

Alise and I went to the mall this morning and who do you think we ran into at Chic-fil-a? We saw Addison, our gymnastics buddy! So, we sat out in the mall and let the girls visit while they ate their chicken mini biscuits. They even hugged each other by and I wish I had had a camera! It was too sweet! Then Alise and I headed to Penny's and to find Ms. Leigh a birthday/Christmas present. Alise helped me pick it out. She was SO good! She still wouldn't have anything to do with Santa except to wave at him from a distance....a far distance. She noticed all the snowmen in the mall, too. Other than that, we didn't do too much today...we watched Barney (Ugh!), took a nap, and went to see Nana & Papaw! Then we came home, made a mess with spaghetti and went to bed.

I finished wrapping all the gifts tonight! I am so glad!

Tomorrow night, Amie comes to babysit and Wayne and I can finish our shopping and have a "date night." So excited about that!

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