Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmas & Pony Tail Pictures

Welcome to my world! Red velvet dresses and pony tails! What could be better? My baby is growing up so fast! She "surprised" me today when I picked her up with the pony tails and it was all I could do to get her to keep them in until her daddy got home so he could see them. Of course, we made a really big deal about it so that maybe she would start wearing them more. However, "hair cut day" is this Saturday.
Alise has been in the best mood for the past two days. We've laughed and wrestled and sung the "Hippopotumus" song. We've had great "family time."
This morning, I told Alise, "Alise, guess who is coming to see you!"
She said, "Da-da!"
"No, Da-da is at work! Guess who is coming to see you."
She just stared at me. I said, "Kay-Kay!! Kay-Kay is coming to see you in a few weeks!"
"Kay-kay?" she asked.
"Kay-kay!" I said.
"Kay-kay?" she asked again.
"Kay-kay!" I answered. She smiled and then pointed for me to turn on Dora (our morning cartoon!). I can't wait to get those two together!!

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  1. just so you know....the one of her in the blue outfit is now my wallpaper on my desktop. :)