Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

We are ear infection free!! Going on four months!! Dr. Dugas said this morning that Alise's ears looked perfect and that she "gets an A-plus." He tried to get her to dance with him, but she wouldn't. For some reason, she's not very thrilled with Dr. Dugas. I asked him to look at her throat because of her excessive coughing. He said she had viral tonsilitous. He said because it was viral, an antibiotic would not help. Normally, it lasts 5 to 7 days. So tonight, while Alise and I were at Target Christmas shopping, I bought some Children's Tylenol Cold medicine to try. I hear her coughing in her room now as I type.

I also called Rhonda--who cuts my hair--today and I said, "Rhonda, you know I must think you are a pretty special person to let you cut my little girl's hair!" Alise has an appointment for her very first hair cut at 9:30 Saturday morning. I told Rhonda that I was bringing the camera. She said, "Oh, so I guess that means I have to have my makeup on before you get here, huh?" I'm hoping I won't regret doing this!

Now! For the best news of all!!! I think I may have found a staff accountant! I am so pumped!! I had two interviews scheduled for this afternoon. Well, believe it or not, the first one never showed! Can you believe that? (Word of advice to all you "young" people out there: Don't ever not show up for an interview! At least call the person and let them know that you're not coming! Please. Do that for me, okay?) The second candidate showed and Dianna and I both liked her. She's got the experience and I think she's got the personality to put up with me. I can't wait to load her butt up with work! My life just got SO much better!!!

Okay...each day I get closer to being 100% completely through with my Christmas shopping! Yesterday I was at like, what? 95%? Well, today I'm at like 97%! I am so pumped!

Wayne is at the camp tonight. He got off work early and was suppose to go hunting this evening. He's off next week (Lucky duck!) and so I have no idea what his schedule will be! I'm hoping he'll spend some time with Alise and do some things around the house (like finish sanding the baby cradle!). The week of Thanksgiving, I will be in Shreveport that Monday through Wednesday for continuing education...YUCK! Never again will I wait until the last year to get all my required hours in!! It's a real pain! I'll be going by myself (Wayne couldn't get off work to go with me) so I am going to try and find my way to the Boardwalk over there. I've never been, but everyone tells me it is just wonderful!

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