Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

One and a half Christmas trees up, only two more left. The small one in the kitchen is fully decorated, but I'm still waiting on my mom to come over and "shape" the one in the living room (Remember the antique?). Only Alise's and the tree for our bedroom is left to put up. Wayne called walla go and asked what our plans were for the weekend because he found out that he didn't have to work on Friday. I knew what he was getting at. He wanted to know if he could go hunting on Friday and Saturday (he's at the camp tonight, too). I told him we were decorating. He said, "Well, let's bust it tomorrow afternoon and get it all done." I'm like, well, that's fine with me, but just be prepared, Bubba! I'll try and take pictures and post them when we finish.

Well, if you read my "top 20 list," you know that I now have a new senior accountant. I found out about it on Monday when my counterpart, Dianna, called me while I was in class to let me know that HR got the call. I was so excited! I was excited to have a new employee and excited to be closer to getting my required hours for my CPA designation. Only 12 hours left!! I went shopping in Shreveport on the Boardwalk. It was SO nice! I didn't buy that much...a few more Christmas presents. I went into this "old timey General Store" and found these miniture Raggedy Ann dolls. I thought about Alise's birthday party and I wanted to get them so bad for party gifts, but I didn't. Oh! I didn't tell you that I've already planned her two year birthday party? Don't say it. I already know.

Tomorrow is the big day. I can't wait to eat!! Two years ago, I couldn't eat because I had morning sickness. Last year, Alise ate sweet potatos (real ones) for the first time. Who knows what will happen tomorrow! She's got a big bruise on her head. I leave her with my mom for a few days and she comes home with a bruise! Just kidding, mom! Apparently, she fell out of a chair and hit her head pretty good. She and cousin Brooklyn have been playing together all week. Stay tuned. I'll post pictures from tomorrow as soon as I can.

Wayne and I are waiting with bated breath to find out whether or not Alabama gets a bowl bid. We've "heard" that it could be the Independence Bowl in Shreveport or the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, or even the Music City Bowl in Nashville. Well, when I went to the Boardwalk the other night, I passed the Independence Stadium. Of course, I was driving too fast to write down the number, but they are already selling tickets according to the marquee. Wayne would really like to go and so would I, but the game is during the week. I'm like, who cares?!? It's Alabama for crying out loud!! Roll tide!!


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