Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I read in a magazine once that mothers should choose their battles. I decided to opt out of one this morning. Alise has become attached to anything pink. She loves her pink light jacket. This morning, she pitched a fit to wear it, although I had already been outside and knew that it was like 80 degrees with a 100% humidity! The carport was even sweating! So I thought, okay, if she wants to wear the jacket, then she'll just burn up in it. When I met Wayne for lunch, the wind was blowing really hard and the temperature had dropped. I told him while we were eating that we had a very smart little girl! She knew enough to know that she would need a jacket today after all! Smarty pants!!

Alise likes to look at pictures on the computer (the ones that we download from our personal camera). She loves to look at pictures of herself, our family, and of course, her favorite cousin, Kay-Kay! Tonight, instead of reading books, she told me she wanted to look at pictures on the computer (by pointing, of course). I pulled up the ol' "first birthday" folder and we looked at those pictures. She saw a picture of Aunt Donna and started pointing and saying something that I couldn't understand. I'm sure is was "Aunt Donna" in her own language. She also said "Nana" very clearly.


Ok. I've got to get on my soap box again. So, Tom Cruise is getting married. I use to like Tom to remember him "the way he was" in Top Gun. But I must say, I'm not really a fan anymore. I hear that Brooke Shields got an invite to the big day and that Oprah Winfrey got dissed. Now, let me get this straight. The lady Tom Cruise lashed out about for taking medication to fight post partum is now being invited to his wedding and the woman who adores him most and whose couch he did a back flip on to announce his love for Katie is not invited. I'm confused. I have to say that if Brooke Shields goes to that wedding, then she deserves the things that Tom said about her. Who in their right mind would spend the money to go to Italy for a wedding? I guess it's those who make trillions of dollars a year and can afford the gas money to fly over. I'm not saying a wedding in Italy is bad, but think about it. If you can afford to have a wedding in Italy, then you have the money to fly people over for it. I don't know. Maybe Tom is covering that airfare. I doubt it. It's just another excuse for Hollywood to throw it in our faces about how much money they make.

Do I sound bitter? HR called me today and told me that my job candidate said that she would "let us know something before the end of the week" and that she wouldn't be able to start until December 11th. December 11th? Has she lost her mind? Month end is nearly over by then!! Now I am beginning to have second thoughts about her. I would think if she didn't have a job right now, that she would be ready to start any day. I told Dianna that I thought she was holding out for another job. Who knows.

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