Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I'm putting up the Christmas tree this weekend. Now, before you go ballistic on me, hear me out. Wayne and I have always celebrated Christmas with a live tree. In fact, I remember standing out in the pouring rain on a Thanksgiving day at a nearby tree farm trying to find that perfect tree. Well, we had a live tree up until last year. Our tree farm excursions turned into going to Panzico's and spending boo-cooh money because I wanted that special Douglas Fir. We gave in last year. We were new parents and chalked it up to the fact that Alise was too young to understand, anyway, and when we realized that Panzico's was wanting $120 bucks for a tree, we caved. Luckily, my mom had gotten a new fake tree the year before. I remember being about four months pregnant sitting on the couch and watching her act like a kid in a candy store because she finally had a Christmas tree that already had the lights on it! You guessed it, we got the hand-me-down. The hand-me-down is almost as old as I am, and no, it does not already have the lights on it. But I have to admit, after I had all "my" garb on it, it really turned out to be a pretty darn nice Victorian Christmas tree! Even Wayne thought so and I thought he was going to die from not having a real tree last year. Well, another year has passed and we have not even discussed getting a real tree. Which brings me back to my point. If my mom hates putting lights on the tree (and she really does!) then I hate "shaping" an artificial tree just as much and my mom is a pro about it (she should be after all those years of putting that antique up!). So, we're going to put the tree up, Mom is going to come over on Sunday and "shape it up" and I'll decorate the next weekend. So for all you people who are as anal as I am about being "thankful" before Christmas time, I'm still going to stay true to the season! We will just celebrate with a big green tree in our living room (It doesn't really matter. We'll be at my mom's anyway!)

All my Christmas gifts are beginning to trickle in. Wayne is about to have a fit. He's still seeing brown boxes on his week off. I think it's about to kill him! Anyway, I am trying to be very patient about my Christmas sweater. It's a nativity sweater and I've never seen one before so I had to order it. For all of you who don't know what to get your friends and family (female, of course) for Christmas, I'm telling you, go to You can't loose! It's just the most wonderful stuff in the world! Your skin will just feel amazing and you will throw that Bath and Body stuff away forever!

I keep thinking today is Friday. This has been a long week. I need to go to the grocery store. All I have is a gallon of milk. But I hate to get Alise out. She is finally back to "normal" and it's so important to keep her well for the holidays. I SO want her to enjoy this Christmas!

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