Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday, November 19, 2006 - Part Two

I have never in my life wanted to strangle my daughter like I did today. I was SO mad at her! I told Wayne, "Just take her away. I don't want to be around her right now." I know that sounds absolutely horrible and even now I feel guilty about feeling that way, but if you could have been with us today at Olan Mills, you would definitly understand. She was a holy terror!! We only got two shots! Two shots!! She wanted to play with all the toys, but she didn't want to go anywhere near the backdrop. Finally, Wayne held up an old green carpet behind Alise while she sat in an old brown wicker chair and we got a descent shot of her. She's actually smiling, but you can't see the smocking on her dress. I was so disappointed and so frustrated that all I wanted to do was go home. I still spent $120!! I ended up buying our Christmas cards through them with our family picture. And when you see the picture, you'll think, "Oh, how sweet!" But that was the very first shot we took and after that, that was all she wrote. She screamed, stomped her feet, told us "no", you name it. She was a little brat and if we hadn't been in a store and around other people, I probably would have spanked her and spanked her good and then put her in her bed. I just couldn't believe she acted that way. She wasn't tired, she wasn't hungry. I don't know what her problem was!!

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