Thursday, November 02, 2006

November 2, 2006

We're headed to the camp this weekend. It's suppose to be cool and pretty (hopefully no mosquitos!). I had "kinda" said something to Wayne about us going last weekend and he asked me about it tonight (He can't remember anything else I tell him, but anything I say with the word "camp" in it, he can remember! Go figure!). Tomorrow night, me and Alise are going to spend the night with Nana & Papaw. Nana is suppose to make chicken & dumplings. We'll head over to the camp Saturday afternoon to meet Wayne.

Well, it was "Melt Down City" at our house this morning!! I have to tell you that Alise got her first real "spanking" this morning. She absolutely refused to get out of her pajamas and put her clothes on. So I spanked her on the leg. She nearly died. She didn't want to put her shoes on, either, but I finally got them on her. I pointed to them (she's still wailing) and told her not to take those shoes off and walked out of her room, hoping she would calm down. A little while later, I went back in her room and there she was---still wailing and one sock and shoe off. I spatted her again on the bottom and put her shoe and sock back on and walked back out of the room. By this time, we already running late and I had just about had it and she'd only been up about 45 minutes!!! I went back in her room--she's still screaming and crying--and I pick her up and carry her in the bathroom to brush her hair. I told her she needed to calm down and stop crying. I dried her tears and she turned it off. Just like that! For the first time, I could really see that she was throwing a tantrum just for attention. She was absolutely perfect on the way to school, but when we got there, she didn't want me to leave her so here we go again with the crying. These 4 teeth she's cutting and the terrible two's are about to drive me insane!! Wayne picked her up from school this afternoon and Alise went with him to Lowe's while I finished up at the office. He said she was "just fine." Of course she was! But she likes giving her moma heck!!

Alise's hair is beginning to stress me out. Wayne still refuses to let me get it cut. I can't stand it in her eyes and she absolutely refuses to keep a bow or barrette in. It looks so shaggy. I'm going to hafta do some more sweet talking with him to convince him that his precious daughter deserves her first haircut. I never thought that I would be ready for the day....couldn't imagine ever getting her hair cut, but, now, I must say, that I am ready! It's time.

I know....I know. You want to see the Halloween pictures. I'll try and get them loaded next week.

See ya'll next week!

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