Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday, November 6, 2006

I'm bored. The "kids" are in bed and the house is quiet. I'm vegging out in front of the TV watching QVC and eating Halloween candy....getting fatter by the minute! I can just feel my butt expanding! And instead of straightening up or doing something half way worthwhile, I'm sitting here typing on the computer. I've surfed ebay....I've surfed Hallmark (looking for the Charlie Brown Halloween ornaments)...I've surfed Toys R Us and QVC. Wayne will be glad that I haven't bought anything!

Alise is getting a cold. With this crazy weather, it's no wonder she's sick!! Her nose is stuffy and last night we had several coughing fits, so I had to break out the medicine again tonight. I also had to rub her down with Vicks and plug up the humidifier. I thought she was going to have a small heart attack when I attempted to suction her nose! Obviously, I didn't get very far with that idea! She did rather well tonight at gymnastics, but she wouldn't try a back flip (with me helping her, of course!). All she wanted to do is get in the ball pit. I do need to buy her a new gymnastics outfit. The one she has now is getting too small, but this is the last month for this year that she will have class (I've decided we're going to take December off) so I think I might wait until January before I buy a new one.

I have decided to buy the rocking horse from Tiffany's sister. As long as Stacey really doesn't mind parting with it. I'm going to offer her $40. I can't wait to see Alise's face when she sees it Christmas morning! She loves to get on mine or Wayne's back and play "giddy up!" We're still debating on the slide, simply because we might get her a swing set later on. I got my dad's gift, so the only person I have left is Wayne. I'm closer to being 100% finished with my shopping!

Tiffany told me tonight that the state fair is in Shreveport. I would love to take Alise. She was so good the night we took her to our fair, here, so I think she might enjoy the bigger one. I haven't said anything to Wayne, yet, but I'm sure he'll be going to the camp to go hunting.

Michael, Misty and Brooklyn are suppose to be coming in for the week of Thanksgiving. We'll be eating dinner at my mom's. Then, Wayne and I will do our "Thanksgiving" tradition, and that's putting the icicle lights on the house (although we don't actually turn them on until December 1st). I think I'm going to have to hire a baby sitter or let me mom take care of Alise while I spend the day decorating the house! It will take me that long!

I've GOT to finish Alise's doll cradle. Of course, I'm waiting for Wayne to finish sanding it! Maybe I'll get him to do it this Sunday afternoon?

Okay. I've rambled enough. I might just go to bed early.

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