Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Well, it's just me and Baby Girl. Wayne left this afternoon headed to the camp. Lord only knows when he'll be back! His friend from Houston is suppose to be coming in this weekend to hunt with him. Nana & Papaw are headed to Colorado early in the morning, so, like I said, it's just "us girls." I'm not sure what we'll do this weekend. I really need to take Alise to the pumpkin patch before all the pumpkins are gone!

Alise is so sweet! We went to church tonight and everyone loved her new smocked dress with the cows on it. She is "miss socialite!" Just about everyone spoke to her and she would wave to them. She's definitly got too much of her daddy in her! She had to sit beside Becca, one of our babysitters, tonight at supper! She acted like she was five years old and ate so good! She shared her animal cookies with the babies in the nursery. Alise is such a loving and sweet little girl.

Nana & Papaw came by for a few minutes tonight when we got home to say good-bye. Papaw got some belly shugger. Nana saw the pictures on the internet of her pigtails from this past weekend and wanted to know why she was crying in one of the pictures. I said, "Why do you think?"

Nothing much happened today. I had to go to a class for my CPA designation, so I was at the college all day today, but I'm off again tomorrow and Friday. I'm already dreading Monday. Tomorrow I am going to finish some more of my Christmas shopping. I only have two people dad and Wayne. Can you believe it? I want to get done early this year so I can spend time with Alise and get the house decorated. She's going to love Christmas this year!

OH!! But the high-lite of my day was going all over Monroe and West Monroe today during my lunch break to find a huge lite-up pumpkin for Alise. There are two at Alise's school and she stops to "talk" to them every morning. So today, I asked Ms. Marian, the director where she got them. She said that they were really old, but that I should check at Walmart or Hobby Lobby. I finally found one at Walmart in West Monroe. I haven't showed it to Alise yet, but I did get it out of the trunk of the car a while ago and stuck it by the door. She's is going to be surprised in the morning when she goes outside to get in the car!

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