Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Little Miss Butterfly Fairy hasn't woke up yet!

I am so excited about tonight! Stick around and I'll try and update tonight.

Well, Little Miss Butterfly certainly woke up! She woke up and refused to wear her Halloween costume! Yep! Thank the Lord I didn't spend a fortune on a Halloween costume! I could not believe it! Even seeing Addison in her cute Kitty Cat costume, Alise refused to wear hers! I did manage to get the whole thing on her before we left to go to Addison's house, but we took it back off for the ride over. Then, once we got there, we had to make a "big deal" with clapping and whistles for Alise to just put the skirt on! The wings were history. I whisked her outside into her pink car before she had time to think about the skirt! She kept it on for the rest of the night!

Alise loved the trick-or-treating! She loved the riding and getting the candy and seeing all the people. I caught her sucking on a sucker with the wrapper still on it while we were strolling down the street. I had to take it away from her and of course she went nuts! But really, she was very good tonight. I was just disappointed about the costume, because she was SO cute for just a few seconds with it on!

Alise was playing in Kylie's room (Addison's cousin) tonight and she climbed up on Kylie's rocking horse and started rocking. I was shocked. Tiffany told me that Stacey (Kylie's mom) was wanting to sell it. She told me she would like $35 for it. I'm thinking that's a pretty reasonable price considering it still makes all the sounds and the tags are still on it. It's also a little taller than the one I was going to buy at Toys R Us, except that this one is a light tan instead of white. Wayne and I need to talk about it some more, but he told me to do whatever.

I'm so tired. We had a busy night. I'm off to bed.

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