Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Here are some pictures that our favorite babysitter, Amy, took this weekend of Alise. She took Alise to the Pumpkin Patch in West Monroe late Saturday afternoon while Wayne and I went on a date. They are so good!

Our week back from vacation did not start out too well for us yesterday. I noticed the car sounded funny yesterday morning when I cranked it. I ran to Target at lunch and it sounded funny again. I just knew the battery was about to go. I prayed that it would get me to Alise's school and gymnastics later that day. Unfortunately, it did not. When I cranked the car shortly after 5:00, it wouldn't turn over. The only sound it made was "click, click, click." I had to have Alise picked up by 5:30 or the school would charge me extra for every five minutes I was late. My parents were out of town in Colorado. I called Wayne and he was just pulling into the center in Delhi. He had the audacity to ask me, "Well, what did you leave on?" I wanted to hang up on him! Next, I tried calling the daycare and nobody would answer. I called the director at her house and left a message on her answering machine. After about the seventh try, I finally got the director to answer the phone at the daycare. Marian was so nice. She brought Alise to me at work. She said, "Well, at least you know she'll go anywhere with anybody." That kinda un-nerved me, but all I could think about was getting Alise to gymnastics. In the meantime, I had called Tiffany, Addison's mother, and asked her if she minded to pick me and Alise up. We made it to gymnastics for the last five minutes of class and ball time. Wayne met us at gymnastics and after eating supper at McDonald's we ran back to the office and he jumped the car off. Then we sped to Auto Zone to get a new battery before they closed. Needless to say, Alise didn't get in bed last night until well after 8:00. She was so sleepy she could barely walk! She was so grouchy this morning! And people think I'm crazy for putting her to bed so early, but then they don't have to wake up with her in the morning, either!!

I found out today that Alise's sister-school, Grace Episcopal, is having a Fall Festival this weekend. A note was sent home today describing the games and ticket information. They are having a duck pond, lollipop tree, face painting, thumbprint art, the space walk and the list goes on and on. I nearly dropped my spoon in the kitchen tonight when I asked Wayne if he was going to the camp this weekend. He said he wasn't, so this weekend, we may go to Alise's Fall Festival and then we're going to make a loop through the Methodist's church's pumpkin patch....a Horton tradition!!

We are enjoying the cooler weather. I love bundling Alise up in the mornings, although she is SO hot natured! I think she was sweating the other day! Her cold/cough seems to be better today. She slept with the humidifier last night and I put a little Vick's on her chest. She only woke me up once coughing and she eventually went back to sleep. Every afternoon when we get home, we have to walk around to the front of the house and plug in our pumpkins. She absolutely loves them! She waves bye to them every morning when we pass in front of the house.

Halloween plans....let's see. Well, I nearly died this morning when I got on the weather channel and it said that it was suppose to rain next Tuesday. However, tonight, the local news gave a 7-day forecast and it's suppose to be clear. I was asked to help with the Fall Festival at church that not, but I said no simply because I wasn't planning on taking Alise. I just don't think she's at that age to really enjoy it. And besides, it is SO crowded!! Tiffany and I have been talking and I think that me, Alise, and Nana are going to go trick-or-treating with Tiffany, Addison, Tiffany's sister and niece, and Tiffany's mom and grandmother (Tiffany's mom, Debi, works with me in the nursery on Sunday's and her grandmother kept Alise at the daycare at our church when Alise went there). So it's definitly going to be a "Girl's Night Out." Ms. Debi is going to make some chili and mom and I will bring dessert. I kinda wish Wayne wanted to come, but he said he didn't care anything about hanging out with a bunch of women. As long as her sees Alise in her costume, that's good enough! As for Alise's costume, her "butterfly" outfit is starting to look more like a "fairy" outfit instead. How many butterflies do you know wear pink tulle skirts? Oh, well, it doesn't matter. Tiffany and I have talked about decorating the pink cars that Alise and Addison both have. We're going to ride them around Lincoln Hills subdivision in their pink cars! Alise will match!! Addison is going to be a kitty cat. I hope Alise doesn't pull off her tail!!

Speaking of the pink car, Wayne noticed one of Alise's tires have cracked. The thing is only six months old! So I need to go so I can contact the maker and see if they will send me another tire. I'll let you know if they do.

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