Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday, October 5, 2006

I'm teaching Alise how to pray. I've been showing her how to put her hands together and we've been practicing to say, "Thank you, God." Tonight, she actually did it! She put her hands together and said, "Thank you." It tickled me to death!! I know it made God, smile, too. I've realized that my mission as a mother it to teach my daughter about God and to raise her to love Him as she should.

Wayne and I are headed to Atlanta on Saturday. Alise is staying with her Nana & Papaw. We've been talking it up with her and she normally nods her head when you ask her if she is going to stay with Nana & Papaw this weekend. Tonight, I started packing some things in her suitcase and she took out her ball cap, so she's beginning to put things together. She knows her cap means outside with Papaw. We will be back late Tuesday night. We're debating on renting a car and driving to Savannah and going to the coast. I would love to go, but it would mean a four hour drive. We're definitly going to Stone Mountain one night for the laser light show and fireworks. I'm also excited about eating at the Melting Pot! It will be a good chance for us to get away. I just wish I didn't have to spend all day in class!

I had my evaluation at work today and got a nice raise. I was a little surprised by Lisa's comments about me, considering the fact that I had a meltdown about two months ago. Fortunately, that didn't seem to matter. I don't know if I'm crazy for staying at the hospital or not. I'm still not perfectly happy with the way things are going and I miss HCA and the way things use to be. I miss my friends. I keep telling myself that once I get some staff, things will get better. By the way, I had another person quit today, but I'm not even getting into that story! Let's just say that she's crazy!! But I know that I'm not going to go anywhere else here in Monroe making the kind of money I'm making. Wayne tells me all the time that I should have taken Brian Craft's job while I had the chance, but, I'm sorry. I'm not salesman! He should have taken it if it was such a "gold mine." Whatever.

Alise is just growing and doing...and she's beginning to play with baby dolls. She sleeps with about three of them and lately this week, she's been playing with them and "strolling" them around in her stroller. We still normally take rides in the pink car when we get home in the evenings and she's always looking for our neighbor's dogs. It looks as though the runny nose has subsided, but we still have a bad diaper rash. I picked her up from daycare today and she looked like white trash. Apparently she got filthy on the playground today and Ms. Sandy had to change her clothes. The outfit she had was a "smaller" outfit from this summer and she had outgrown it. I could see her belly when I picked her up and her shorts were too tight. She looked ridiculous in her "summer attire" with her navy blue dress shoes on. I laughed when I saw her. Of course, she didn't care.

I'll have the laptop with me next week in Georgia, so I might blog. If I don't, I'll be sure to catch you up on everything when we get back.

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