Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Okay. It's time to get on my soap box again. Last night, I went out to the mall after Wayne got home to pick up some Christmas gifts for Alise's teachers at Belk's. I happened to go into the Hallmark Store to look at the Christmas cards. There it was. A box of red cards and in gold writing, they said, "Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year." Now how retarded does that sound?!?! You don't say, "Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year!" You say, "Merry Christmas!" for crying out loud!!! I was so aggravated at yet another attempt by the mega-retail corporations to take the word "Christ" out of Christmas. I had heard that in northern states like Washington, people were getting away from "Merry Christmas" and were adopting phrases like "Seasons Greetings" and "Happy Holidays." What's up with them? Why can't they leave a good thing alone? Obviously, they don't live in the Bible Belt! I refused to buy any Christmas cards at Hallmark (and then I reminded myself that I had already bought cards for this year at Michael's last month for a cool dollar!) and I walked out. I was so disheartened that my daughter would be growing up in world that would love nothing more than to discredit the birth of Christ. It made me realize even more, that as her mother, it makes my job so much tougher to instill our Christian values and belief in Christmas to her. I can't imagine going through the Christmas (notice I didn't say, "Holiday') season without knowing and appreciating the real reason we celebrate! This world has become so cold and callous to its true meaning. Does God sigh and frown each year at Christmas time because He realizes we've missed its whole intent?

I've decided I'm going to do a little research on the internet sometime this week. And it's really crazy that this idea would just pop into my head....but a friend of mine who use to cut my hair years ago....well, let's just say that she started her family a little earlier than I did and I remember her telling me one time that she was going to give a "Happy Birthday Jesus" party for her daughter and some of her daughter's friends. I don't remember what exactly Meredith had planned, but I'm going to do some research and see what I can come up with. If any of you out there have ever done something like this, email me and let me know. OH! And by the way! I'm looking for someone who can dress up like Raggedy Ann and entertain about eight kids and their parents. More on that at another time!

Alise has been invited to her first hayride and bonfire party! Her little friend, Addison, is having a Halloween hayride at her grandparent's house tomorrow night. We probably won't get to stay long because Alise will be tired after her gymnastics class, but I told Tiffany that we would try and come for a little while. My "gracious gesture" of making apple bread for her teachers just flew out the window, though, because I had planned to do that tomorrow night. I finished the trick-or-treat bags for her class this afternoon. There is a 40% chance of rain on Tuesday. I hope the rain is over by that evening!

And for those of you who are wondering how the baby doll cradle is coming, Wayne and I actually started sanding this afternoon! He is such a perfectionist about building and doing anything like this! I told him that it didn't have to look like a million bucks, but he said that we would have to prime it and sand it again before we actually painted it, and I was like, no, we don't! That's too much trouble! But he told me that that was the only way to insure that the paint would stick. Well, it looks like he has agreed to help me with the project (he did most of the sanding today while I chased Alise around in the yard) and so I guess I need to "submit" (Bill would be proud of me that his sermon hit home!) and let Wayne do what he thinks is best.

Ya'll have a good week!

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