Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday, October 1. 2006

Visit us at to see the pictures from Alise's trip to the fair last week. There are some pics from this weekend, too.

I am including one picture here that's not on the photosite because there is a story behind it. I have to tell you the story, because this is how our weekend started out.

A few weeks ago during my lunch break, I paid a visit to the Bayou Crafter's Mall in West Monroe because there is a booth there that has girls' smocked dresses at reasonable prices and the cheapest hair bows in town! I was browsing through some of the other booths and I saw the cutest doll bed that had been painted in green and pink and white and I have kicked myself ever since for not buying it that day. Why? Because when I went back the next week, it was gone. I asked the lady who owns the shop if there were any other beds like that in the store that she knew about. She showed me the cradle in the picture above. When she pulled it out, I noticed it was pretty wiggly and the bottom didn't particuliarly match the sides. I told her that I would think about it. I thought about it for about two weeks and Saturday morning, I asked Wayne if he would go with me back to the crafter's mall to give me his opinion on the bed. His first question when he saw the bed was, "Does she really need this?" I was like, 'YES, Daddy, she needs it! Every little girl needs a cradle to rock her babies in!! Duh!!" He said he thought all that it needed was to have the screws tightened and that would help with the wiggling. We also got the scarecrow in the pictures on the photosite. On the way home, Wayne said, "Yeah, I think this is going to be a great little project for you." I said, "Well, all I have to do it paint it." He was like, "No, you're going to sand it and you're going to do this and that..." I was like, "Do what?" So we stopped at the hardware store and Wayne bought me a package of sanding sponges. Oh, joy! Well, at least I'll have something to do since I am about to be a hunter's widow for the next four months!!

Oh! I have to tell you this. I had been telling Wayne all week that I was going to "let" Alise wear her camoflauge shirt that he got her...assuming of course, that he was going to wear one, too, but he decided to wear his Alabama shirt instead. I put the camo shirt on her and Wayne insisted that she wear the overalls that Doug and Mirya sent us in the mail last week. She looked like a little boy!! I finally convinced Wayne to take the overalls off and just let her wear plain blue jeans with the shirt. NEVER AGAIN!!! Never again will Alise wear camoflauge anything outside our house!! When we ate lunch at McAllister's the waitress called her a "him." It just broke my heart!! I looked at Wayne with a look of "are you going to do something about this?" When she came back, he said, "You mean "her." Alise is a girl." It just absolutely broke my heart!! I knew I should have put her in pink that day!!! I knew when I walked out the door that I was going to regret letting her leave the house in that dread-awful camo!! Well, I won't make that mistake again!!

After Alise woke up from her nap yesterday afternoon, she helped me decorate the house. We hung the scarecrow I bought at Walmart on the front door and Wayne put up the scarecrow we bought that morning. I put out Alise's latest pictures from Holtzclaw and thought about how big my baby is getting! Yeah, she's getting so big that she told me "no" again this weekend, not once, not twice, but three times! She got spatted on the legs and had a meltdown. Her ball had rolled across the street and she walked out in the street to get it. I pulled her back in the driveway and said, "Alise, you don't get in the road." She said, "No." I said, "Baby, you can't get in the road. A car will come by." She said, "No." I said, "What did you say to "Moma?" She said, "No." I spatted her legs. Wayne was watching the whole thing and was just grinning. I said, "Alot of help you are!" Through his smile, he said, "baby girl, you can't tell Moma no."

Tomorrow Alise has pictures at school. She is going to wear the smocked Raggady Ann dress that I bought her. It's been handing on her closet all weekend and every time she goes in her room, she points to the smocking and says, "Baby." I say, "Yes, that's Raggady Ann." I hope the pictures turn out good. They are suppose to take them outside. Tomorrow is also gymnastics. I'm going to try and remember the camera this week.

Wayne and I are headed to Atlanta next weekend. I've got some CPE to go to and Wayne will just have to find him something to do. A friend of ours told us to go to the restaurant "Bones." I told Wayne it sounded like some Halloween joint. It's suppose to be a very good steak house. We're both excited that our very favorite restaurant in the whole wide world is close to where we are staying. Who would have ever thought that I would get Wayne Horton in a fondue restaurant? But the Melting Pot is the best place in the world!! I am so glad that he is going with me. I hate to travel by myself and it will be great to get away by ourselves since we didn't take a vacation this year and wouldn't even DREAM of taking one without Baby Girl, anyway.

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  1. cute pics from the fair! i miss my alise!