Saturday, October 14, 2006

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Alise will kill me one day, but I just love this picture!! Visit us at There are two new albums full of pictures. There is a sequence that has to do with this picture and it will absolutely crack you up! I laughed out loud tonight when I uploaded the pictures. It's just too funny!!

I feel so blessed to have had today and been able to spend it for what it was..."family time." The weather ended up being warmer than we thought it would be and so we all were overdressed for the zoo this morning. Wayne opted not to go to the camp and we spent today as a family. We visited the zoo this morning, ate lunch at Chic-fil-a, Alise and I took a nap and then we all watched the Alabama game. It was a perfect Saturday.

Alise loved the zoo! I think she had a hard time, though, seeing alot of the "smaller" animals. She was able to see (and enjoy) the bigger animals. She was in awe! I tried to let Alise enjoy the zoo with her daddy mostly, so I was the photographer today. It was the neatest thing to be able to see Alise's expressions and to see things through "a child's eyes." The buffalos nearly walked up to us and snorted at her. She was a little taken back, but she never cried. She wanted to chase the peacocks. Her daddy was in awe of the deer and wanted to wait around while the keeper let out the elk, but Alise wouldn't wait. She was ready to move on!

As for the pigtail story, it goes something like this: Alise's hair is driving me crazy! Wayne won't let me cut it. So last night, I bought some "soft" ponytail clips to put her hair up. This morning, she let me put her pigtails in, but she cried I guess because I was pulling too hard. I couldn't get her bangs in the ponytail, so I pulled them back with a barrett and she kept pulling the barrett out. Eventually the ponytails came out, too. I'd say the whole thing lasted about fifteen minutes. It didn't matter that Wayne and I were both telling her that she looked so pretty. She just wasn't interested. The ponytail thing is "a thing" at her school. All the little girls wear ponytails. Anyway, after she pulled them out for the last time, I heard Wayne tell her, "Moma's going to be mad at you!" I had to stop a minute and remind myself that she's only one year old, for crying out loud! Ponytails really don't matter right now! But they were so cute while they lasted!!!

By the end of the 3rd quarter of the football game, Alise was ready for some new scenery. I took her outside and we rode around in her pink car and we saw the neighborhood dog. Of course, she watched every move he made. Some other kids were riding their bikes and she was in awe of them. We plugged up the pumpkin outside and walked around the yard and picked up acorns. I finally convinced her to ride her 4-wheeler again. For some reason, she hasn't wanted to ride it lately and we can't figure out why. She loves to be outside, much to her daddy's happiness.

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  1. I think the pigtails are adorable! Remind me to show you a picture of myself when I was about her age and I was modeling mine.