Monday, October 16, 2006

The Patriarchs - Week 3 Day 4

Beth Moore writes, "...though God set us in "time," He set eternity in our hearts. Every time we think, surely there is more to life than this, we hear the hint of eternity in our hearts. Every time we learn the cancer has returned and we're willing to go through another treatment, our drive to hang on to life is the hint of eternity in our hearts. Every time our love outlasts our loved one's life, we hear eternity's murmur. Everything in us that cries out in resistance to an end comes from an innate sense that we were meant to be without one. Haven't we all noticed that something seems wrong and painful about "endings?" We resist them furiously because a longing for "always" is set in our hearts."

Wayne and I were sitting in Crackle Barrel this morning watching the rain fall. We're off this week ( a little much needed vacation time) and after we dropped Baby Girl off at school, we decided to get some breakfast. I don't remember how the subject came up, but we began talking about Wayne and his dad. I told him, "Oh, Wayne. Your daddy would have so loved Alise. She would have been his pride and joy! Can you think about what it would be like for him to take Alise on the weekends to see his cows?" At this age, she would have loved it. Hollis would have been tickeled to death to hear her say "moo" when he asked her "what does a cow say?" I can picture her being so in love with her Papaw Horton. But unfortunately, and much to our disappointment, that wasn't God's plan. I like to imagine that Hollis knows all about Alise and the joy she brings to our lives. I like to think of him holding her and kissing her as a baby and then giving her to God as He in turn, gave her to us. It breaks my heart that Alise will never know her Papaw Horton this side of Heaven.

Last week, when we were in Atlanta, Wayne and I were standing in line somewhere and Wayne looked at his watch. I can't remember if it was Monday or Tuesday, but he said, "Today is Daddy's birthday." Wayne misses his dad. And I miss him, too. We miss the way things use to be. We miss being a family. And one of the things that this Bible Study is reminding me of is the importance of family.

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