Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday, October 20, 2006

Okay. Obviously, I have been to Sam's too many times this week! We hardly ever go to Sam's and Wayne and I have both been twice together and then I went back again today by myself. I also must be suffering from a really good book because I have bought two books from Sam's this week. Earlier in the week, I bought Robin McGraw's book ("Dr. Phil's" wife...more on that in a minute) and then today I bought John Grisham's new book. Do you know how long it's been since I've read a John Grisham book? Anyway, it sounded pretty good and I didn't have to spend $30 bucks on it, so I opted to get it.

Now, about the Robin McGraw book...First of all, don't buy it. Borrow my copy if you're really interested in reading it. Personally, I've been disappointed in the book. I may not even finish it, and I've only got about another 20 pages to go. With a forward by Max Lucado and advertisement in the local Christian Bookstore circular, I fully intended to read more about her relationship with Christ. And although I think her intentions were good, I personally don't think she went about it in a Biblical way. I didn't need to know about her fifty thousand dollar car that Dr. Phil gave her for Christmas or her rubbing shoulders with Oprah Winfrey or the fact that she sprays her perfume around the house so that Dr. Phil can say that the house "smells like home." I mean, give me a break! And although she states that their lives have not changed since moving from Dallas, Texas to Los Angeles, obviously something has changed! Her oldest son has married an ex-Playboy model (No, that wasn't in the book!). I came away with a clearer prespective and admiration for Dr. Phil than I did Robin. He must really be a great guy! And it's not that I don't like Robin, it's just that she didn't come across in her book like I expected.

Alise woke up at 1:00 this morning with a coughing spurt. She couldn't stop and was gagging. We've been fighting this off and on since before we left for Atlanta. I ended up waking her up and giving her some water and some more medicine. The house was cold, so I put her in bed with me. She finally went back to sleep about thirty minutes later. At around 3:00, I heard a "thump." She had fallen off the bed. It barely woke her up; she wimpered a little bit, but when I picked her back up and put her back in bed with me, she went back to sleep. We ended up over sleeping, but I really like having Alise asleep in my bed. I love holding her close to me. After she fell off the bed, I held her even tighter!!

Wayne called late last night from the camp and told me to get a babysitter. Amy is going to come over tomorrow night and keep Alise while we go out to eat and to a movie.

Speaking of a movie, I have to take the Lake House back to the rental store tomorrow, so I am going to watch it one more time tonight. I'll have to make sure and have the kleenex close by.

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