Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The toybox in finally complete!!! Wayne finished it this weekend. All it needed was another coat of paint and the lid attached. It was on his "Honey Do List" of things we needed to get done before we head to Alabama next weekend. Alise didn't know what to think about it, so we put her inside. When we moved it from the living room to the spare bedroom (where it's going to stay for now until the changing tables comes out), we carried Little Miss Cleopatra in it. She thought that was really neat. Wayne dumped all her toys inside and there was still room for her. The toybox is huge and Wayne did a VERY good job on it! I'm proud of him. His next project is the bookshelf that's shaped like a house (you can go to to see what I'm talking about) for her room. And then it's to the BIG project of her playhouse that I'm insisting is complete for her two year birthday party. Wayne's honey do list for his little girl will never end!

The ants attacked Alise tonight on the church playground. She's got a little trail of bites going up her arm. She was fine when I picked her up, but when we got home, I put some Bactine on the bites. It must have been a "cooling" sensation because she would just look at her arm like something was happening. What happened to the good ol' days of "monkey blood"? Can you even still buy that stuff now? My mom always used monkey blood or Bactine on us. When I saw the Bactine at Wal-mart a few months ago, I decided to buy some for those "just in case" moments. That stuff was expensive! It was like five dollars for the bottle! Anyway. Tonight when I was putting the Bactine on Alise's arm with a cotton ball, it was like deja vu. I nearly cried. I could remember my mom putting it on me the same way and here I was doing it to my own daughter. Of all the times growing up I said I never wanted to be like my mother (for one reason or another....mostly during those crazy teen years....), I find myself becoming more and more like her. My mother definitly has more patience than any person I've ever known. She would loose it sometimes, though, and when she talked to us with her mouth closed, we knew we were in trouble. But even now, she is so patient with Alise and Brooklyn. I wish I was more like her in that respect. Like yesterday, I just had to get out of the house. Alise was driving me crazy. She's in to climbing on the couch and then she wants to climb and waller all over you. All I wanted to do yesterday was read the paper! I finally left and went to buy groceries by myself while Wayne kept her. When I got home, she was perfectly content watching Barney with her Daddy. But as I watch Alise grow up, I'm realizing the importance of family and how now I do want to be just like my mother. I want Alise to have all the opportunities I had and I want she and I to be as close as my mom have always been (except for the teen years...). I don't just want to be her friend---I want her to love and respect me as her mother. I love the way she makes me laugh and the crazy things she's done lately. Tonight, after her bath, we were playing together in the recliner. She loves for you to stick the opposite end of her passy in your mouth and then she "kisses" you when she grabs the other end with her mouth (My daddy use to do the same thing to me...another deja vu moment). If you ask her where her nose is, she won't point to hers, but she'll grab the heck out of yours and leave a scratch mark (that you'll have to cover up with make up the next day). She's fun! And she's been SINGING all the time!! Of course, you can't understand a word she is saying, but this morning, on the way to church, she sang the whole time. It makes me smile now just thinking about it.

You would have to know who Lynn Tynes and Linda Bass were to be a mother and really appreciate this. To make a long story short, both are twin sisters and they both teach school. They are probably in their fifties and everything is "just precious" just "so precious." Well, they were in the creeper room with Alise this morning during the first service and when I came into the nursery for Sunday School, they began to tell me how "precious" Alise was. But then, Lynn told me something that made me feel so good. She said, "Honey, Alise is so smart!" and she preceded to tell me something Alise did that morning (I don't have time to write about it now). I thought, oh, this is wonderful! I'm going to have a smart daughter! A school teacher told me so! I never thought hearing something about my child would make my heart swell like it did today when Lynn told me that.

Call me crazy but I'm looking for Halloween costumes. I've found a really good site for reasonably priced costumes. Go to to see. I'm not as creative as my friend Leigh, who can dress her kids up to look like "mac and cheese" and "spaghetti" (Yes, you read right!), so I'll probably have to always opt to buying Alise's costumes. I think I have finally decided that I want her to be a butterfly. Until I found some costumes on this site, I thought that I would go the really cheap route and just get Alise some pink tights and a pink onesie and those butterfly wings at the dollar and store and poof! There she is...a butterfly. But then I saw these costumes and I fell in love. They're a little more expensive than the "dollar store" idea, but not that bad. Besides, she would really look so much cuter!! These were the ones I liked the best: and Our church normally has a huge Fall Festival, but I haven't decided about whether or not I'll take her. Just because I know it will be so crowded. I'll probably check with the other moms in our play group and find out what their plans are. There is a neighborhood nearby that normally blocks off the streets for cars and you can haul the kids around in wagons and such. Alise would be a beautiful butterfly riding around in her pink car!!

OH! And another thing! I'm extremely disappointed in my male friends (you know who you are!)!! All you guys know what a big Titan fan I am and not a single one of you told me about Cary Collins signing on August 29th to be the quarterback for them! Would you like to know how I found out about it? It was LAST NIGHT...on the internet!! I thought, "Oh! Let me get on the Titans site and find out who they play tomorrow and bam! There is was...."Titans Sign Cary Collins as QB"!!! I nearly died! I don't like Cary Collins!! I guess it doesn't really matter since they lost today, anyway!

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