Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Go Bama! Roll Tide! We have become the "Bama Family" and Alise is most certainly, the "Bama Baby"!! So much, that she wore her Alabama t-shirt that we got her last week with her blue jean shorts! Too cute! All during the game, I was teaching her to say "Go Bama!" and "Roll tide!" However, that's not exactly the way it sounded from her but I'd give her an "A" for effort. Unfortunately, Alabama lost and Daddy wasn't very happy, but he got over it. He thinks he wants to go out for field goal kicker....says he can do better than the one they've got now. Yeah, right!

I'm doing better with the family dinner thing. I actually cooked a full-course meal tonight and we all three sat down TOGETHER to eat the SAME thing TOGETHER before 6:00! Very impressive, I must say. Actually, I sat in the recliner, Wayne sat on the couch, and Baby Girl sat between us in her high chair. We had smothered deer steak, corn, fried okra, rice and gravy and rolls. There was Ray PG's ice cream for dessert I am making spaghetti for tomorrow after church. The ol' crock-pot is doing double-duty this weekend.

Wayne got home early last night so I could run some errands. I needed to get Alise a pair of blue jeans. She has none. I found a cute pair at The Children's Place and since she is still wearing a 12 month size in most of her pants, now, I assumed she could wear a 12 month size in jeans. I thought wrong. Looks like I'll be taking this pair back for a size 18 months. I could barely get them snapped. I also tried her gymnastics outfit on her this morning, too. She complained a little bit and I'm curious as to what she's going to do on Monday when she really has to wear it. Her belly was justa poking out! Too funny! I called Tiffany and told her that I had gotten Alise an outfit...I didn't want Alise's friend, Addison, to be left out.

I have decided (I think) what I want Alise to be for Halloween. I think she's going to be a butterfly. I bought the pink tights last night. Now all I have to find is a pink onesie and make the headband for the antennas (which I may not do, because I know she's not going to wear it...she wouldn't even keep a barrett in her hair today!). I also need to get the wings at the dollar store. A cheap costume for a few hours. When she gets old enough to understand, then we'll go all out! I did get her Halloween candy "pail" at Target last night. It's pink and has Cinderella, Snow White, and one of the other princesses on it. I showed it to Wayne today and she saw it and wanted it immediately.

It was a pretty quiet weekend for us. We all napped this morning (instead of this afternoon) and had a late lunch. I was outside pushing Alise in her pink car at 8:00 this morning! Alise and I went with Wayne to see about getting him a new cellphone, but the wait at the Alltel store was an hour and a half and we knew that Alise wouldn't hold out that long. Besides, the Alabama game was coming on and we had to get home! We were going to take her to the park for a picnic, but we thought it would rain and so decided against it. St. Francis is sponsoring a zoo day for all their employees on October 16th, so I've convinced Wayne to go with me to take Alise, then. Actually, Wayne had a good idea this week. He wants to take Alise somewhere to show her a cow since she's into the "moo-ing" thing. I thought his mom still had cows, but he reminded me that she sold them. I said the we could drive to Oak Grove to my Uncle's house because I knew he had cows. We could stop to see my grandmother. He said we might.

By the way, Alise's pictures from Holtzclaw are in. Some of the wallet-sized pictures were mailed out today to friends and family. Also, I called about the Raggady Ann smocked dress from Orient Express and it is still on back order.

Tomorrow is church and our regular Sunday afternoon visit to Nana and Papaw's. Alise is in love with her Papaw. We stopped by their house Thursday night to show off Alise's pictures and she didn't want to leave her Papaw.

Oh! And Alise is cutting TWO back on each side. She still isn't eating that well and is still sorta cranky. I'm debating making her an appointment with Dr. Stanley next week just to be sure we don't have an ear infection. We had to do the "earring thing" tonight so we could wash her hair. She does better when Wayne washes her hair. She fights me when I do it.

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