Monday, September 04, 2006

Monday, September 4, 2006

Wayne and I have lost our minds!!! We made a special trip to Toys R Us tonight just to buy Baby Girl a Barbie jeep. Now, before you agree that we really ARE crazy, let me just say that it's not the $300 Barbie jeep. It's the "mini" version....the $80 version. A few days ago, I found this jeep on the Toys R Us web page and this afternoon, I finally got around to showing Wayne the jeep. He suggested that we call our local store, and much to our surprise, they actually had it in stock!! So, we bought it tonight. Poor Baby doesn't even know who Barbie is, but she's got the jeep! Alise absolutely LOVES her new electric jeep! She's not very good with steering, but she was running over me and her daddy in the hall. She would run into the coffee table and the wheels would just keep turning. She wouldn't know when to take her finger off "the gas" (as her daddy put it). We plan to take it out for a spin in a couple of days. The crazy thing has to charge for at least 18 hours and Wayne wants to be around when she tries it out.

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Alise is hooked on red grapes. She absolutely loves them!! I normally cut them in half, or in fourths if they are too big. Tonight I almost had a heart attack, though, because she began to choke on one. She was in her high chair and Wayne was in the shower. I had given her a snack because she was acting like she was hungry and I decided to give her something to "tie" her over until we ate supper at McAllister's. I was in the kitchen and I heard her begin to make this funny sound and her eyes began to water, but she wasn't crying out. I screamed for Wayne and started hitting her on the back. She eventually spit out the grape about the time Wayne got in the kitchen. The whole thing scared me to death! She has gotten into this extremely bad habit of just stuffing her mouth with food. I have to watch the portion size I give her because she just stuffs and stuffs! She reminds me of my brother. He use to do the same thing! I remember Moma and Daddy getting so mad at him for shoveling in food and never swallowing.

Next Monday, Alise starts gymnastics again. I'm curious as to how she will do.

Wayne is nearly finished with Alise's toy box. I think all he needs to do is paint the last coat of paint. Hopefully, we'll get to move it into the house this weekend. He needs to get started on the playhouse. I told him I wanted it ready by her birthday. He just looked at me and said, "Yeah, right!"

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