Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday, September 18, 2006

School pictures at Alise's school were cancelled today because of the rain. They have been rescheduled for sometime in October.

Alise did FIVE "skin the cat's" tonight at gymnastics. Tonight her favorite thing was the bar. She would grab on to it and begin to lift her feet while Ms. Sue Ann helped flip her over. It tickled Ms. Sue Ann to death. After one flip, Alise went running around the gym with her hands up in the air saying, "Ta-da!!" It was TOO Cute! She jumped on the trampoline, walked on the beam and did her roll on the inclined mats. She did perfect! But of course, the meltdown came when it was time to get out of the ball pit. It happens every time!

Alise looked like a thirteen year old this morning sitting up in my bed eating her fruit loops with the "princess" nightgown on that Nana bought for her. While I was getting dressed, I made a face at her and she had the prettiest smile back at me. I could have sworn her smile said, "I love you, Moma" all over it. I can't wait for that day! We've been practicing.

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