Monday, September 11, 2006

Monday, September 11, 2006

I knew something was wrong as soon as I walked into Alise's room this afternoon at school by the look on Ms. Sandy's face. My first thought was, "Oh no. What did Alise do?" I thought maybe the red bottom had returned because Ms. Sandy was holding her. But it wasn't that at all. Although my little angel looked pale and like she didn't feel good, she had not done anything wrong. She got bit today....TWICE! By the same kid (I don't think it was the same little boy that bit her the first day of school, but whoever it was, he bit her twice!) He broke the skin with the bite on her arm. The one on her cheek doesn't look quite so bad. But still. Two bites in one day? I felt so sorry for her. I asked Ms. Sandy if she cried and she said that she did a little bit (how much is a little bit?) but that Alise is "so tough." Apparently the little boy has been chomping on alot of the other kids, too, because Ms. Sandy said she left a note on the director's desk about the incidents and that "she is going to have to do something." I just hope and pray that this doesn't start Alise biting, too. It would just break my heart if she started that. Of course, when I called Wayne on the way home to tell him about it, he was livid! He threatened to call the school tomorrow and have it out with the director. He's just being a dad. He doesn't want anything happening to his little girl. I managed to calm him down, but then he scared me to death by saying, "What if that kid had AIDS or something?" Then my mind started wandering....

Tonight was our first night back at gymnastics for "Mommie & Me." I just knew when I saw Alise that she was NOT going to be in the mood for gymnastics. But she seemed to be fine in the car, so I went ahead and took her anyway. I'm so glad I did. Alise was perfect! She still did alot of running around, but she also did alot of the things she was suppose to do. She even did a roll (finally) on the mats. But I think she's going to be my "Balance Beam Baby." She pranced up on the beam tonight and walk right across it (holding on to me, of course). She's never done that before. I was SO proud of her and praised her on the way home. And, yes, she got to get in the ball pit tonight! After everything she's been through today, she was a perfect angel tonight.

I woke up this morning nearly in tears. I had a dream last night that started out with me and my brother taking Alise to the circus in Bastrop (I have no idea why). It ended with me and Wayne on an airplane with my mom & dad's friends, the Whitten's. I was trying to call my doctor, Dr. Conville, to tell her that Alise was missing. We had left her at Disney World. We couldn't find her at all. The Whitten's didn't want us to get off the plane because we would miss our connecting flight. Wayne was just looking at me like he didn't know what to do. I, on the other hand, was totally freaking out and demanding for the plane to stop so I could go back and get my daughter. I woke up thinking, "Thank you, God, that that was just a dream." I can't imagine loosing my daughter somewhere...and of all places! Walt Disney World!!! I gave her an extra kiss this morning when I woke her up.

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