Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

I wasn't going to blog tonight, but I'm facing a dilemma. More on that later.

First of all, poor Baby Girl! Her bottom is blistered from the excessive dirty diapers because of the antibiotics for the ear infection. She couldn't even sit down in a cool bath tonight because she hurt so bad, so I had to bathe her while she stood up in the bath tub (something I never let her do). Wayne and I let her walk around the living room and kitchen without a diaper to try and "air out" the area. I called the Pharmacist at Rite-Aid hoping he could concoct a miracle drug, but he told me the Boudreax's Butt-Paste is the best thing on the market. That's what we've been using all this time. Then I called my mom to see what she thought about not putting a diaper on Alise while she slept so she could get some relief. She advise to coat her bottom in the butt-paste and use a bigger diaper. Luckily, I had a size 4 diaper and so that's what we did. It just breaks my heart that her stomach is so upset that she's running through diapers like she is. She screams anytime something touches it and she just about comes off the changing table when you try to clean her up. I've been using cool paper towels instead of the baby wipes, also. Someone told me one time that it helps. Wayne asked how long this was going to last. I said that we have to take the antibiotics for ten days and we were only on day #2. It's going to be a LONG 8 days!!

"Kay-Kay's" mom and Aunt Peggy called tonight to check on Alise. Speaking of "Kay-Kay", Alise goes absolutely nuts to see pictures of Katie. Last week, we were at my mom and dad's and I was showing them Katie's birthday pictures on her site and Alise was sitting on my lap. Everytime Katie's picture would come up, she would point and start squirmming, "Kay-Kay! Kay-kay!" It was too cute!

Alise said "thank you" tonight on the way home. Every afternoon when I pick her up, I have a sippy cup of juice and few crackers or cookies for her to eat on the way home because she's usually starving and it helps with the longer ride home for her. Nearly everytime I give her something, no matter what it is, I say, "Tell Mommie thank you." I was beginning to think that my child really DID have a hearing problem, but finally today on the way home, she said it and it was clear as day. Then tonight, she wanted me to open her color box. I finally got her to look at me and I said, "Open." She said, "Open" very clearly. I was SO proud of her!!

OH! I found the BEST site for toddler shoes!! I found it in my Parenting magazine. I'm going to order Alise some shoes from there! The site is The red and pink shoes are to die for!!!

About my dilemma...I went to Target tonight to pick up a few things and I bought a huge plastic storage box because I need to start "culling" some of Alise's toys. I have asked EVERYONE what they are doing with their toys....relatives, friends, everyone. I haven't gotten a good answer yet. My mom suggests keeping the ones I want to keep and giving the others to the church. But what if I give something away that I wish I had kept? The biggest question is what if we have another baby and I need all that stuff? I certainly don't want to have to go out and buy toys again!! Some people sell their baby toys in garage sales. There, again, what if I need it again? The fact is, I'm spending a fortune on storage boxes. Wayne said that I wouldn't be spending so much on storage boxes if I wasn't spending so much on Alise's clothes. Mute point. The fact is, I've kept just about everything Alise has ever worn PLUS clothes that still have the price tags on them....there, again! What if I need them? Mom says I need to go through all that stuff and only keep the special things. But she doesn't understand. They're ALL special because Alise wore them! Sure, there are probably some "cheap" or worn clothes that I could give to Goodwill or the Salvation Army, but what if I need them again (I know you're getting tired of me asking that!)? The fact is, I guess we need to discuss whether or not we're going to have another baby (NOT ANYTIME SOON!!!!!!!!) But I just refuse to let myself think about that right now. I want to spend my time with Alise and watch her grow up and be able to provide for her and let her do things that maybe I never got to do. The fact is, I want to have fun with my daughter right now. It's just the three of us and I like it that way. Right now, my life is full and I am content. But then again, do I deprive Wayne of maybe having a son or even Alise of a brother or sister? I'll just have to pray about it and see what God has planned. Until then, I guess I'll keep buying storage boxes and paying rent on a storage building each month to house the boxes until we decide to get a bigger house (dilemma #2, but that's for another day....)!

Until next time......

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