Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'm sitting here eating Cheetos while I blog. Speaking of food, I have to say that I have discovered two of the BEST tasting treats this summer! The first is the Sonic Hot Fudge Brownie Blast. It is to DIE for!! I'm hooked on those things! You have just got to try one! Make sure they put HOT hot fudge on it or it won't taste as good. The next is something I discovered just a few days ago. When I was at Target on Sunday afternoon, Wayne told me to "pick up some sweets." So I did. I got a bag of "Kit Kat" bites. Those are really good, too! I'm stressed with work so all I want to do these days is eat!

Well, a co-worker of mine made me feel like dirt today....or well, just the worst mother in the world. Her daughter was taking her granddaughter to the circus tonight. I had originally planned to take Alise yesterday at 4:30, Kathy asked me, "Are you taking Alise to the circus tonight?" I told her that I had to work. She said, "Well, don't let work get in the way of spending time with your daughter. They grow up to fast, ya know. She needs to go to the circus." I thought about really being ugly and saying something to the effect of, "Oh, yeah? Who's money are they using to go? Your daughter's or your's?" But I didn't. I kept my mouth shut and just smiled. Who says I don't have self-control?! The fact is, I was real disappointed yesterday that I didn't get to take Alise and I probably could have, but I waited too late to get tickets. And I wasn't sure if she would really enjoy it, being only one year old. Definitly next year, though!

Needless to say, I worked late tonight and so I didn't get to see Alise at all this evening. Wayne picked her up from daycare. I think she must've thrown a temper-tantrum because Wayne told me later that I "let her get away with that too much." Oh yeah? Watch it, Buster! It's not that I "let her" get away with a temper-tantrum. I just let her do her thing and walk away. She normally stops. What am I suppose to do? Spank her because she's having a temper-tantrum? That will only make her scream louder. I've been telling her that I'm not going to listen to her when she's doing that and I just walk off. Like I said, she normally stops.

Ms. Sandy was back at school this morning. She had been off for the last week on vacation. When I asked her if she had fun, she told me that she had been sick the whole time she was off. I asked her what was wrong and she said "tonsilitous." I immediately thought, "Oh, God, please don't let us get that!!!" When she saw Alise, she said, "Alise, your hair is getting so long!!" And it is. I noticed last night in the bathtub that the ends of her hair in the back are really starting to get wet. I just wish she had some curls!!!! Where is my baby's natural curly hair?

I feel bad because this weekend, I'm getting my hair colored. And I'm still debating about whether or not to do it just because Alise and I kinda have the same hair color right now. I'm going darker. I think I'm getting some gray hairs and so I need to nip that little situation in the bud pretty quick. Speaking of this weekend, Nana is keeping Alise all day Saturday. Wayne and I are free to do whatever we want to do!! I'm excited! So, anyway, that's one of the "fun" things I'm going to do on Saturday.

Oh, and for all you "one day my daughter's gonna be a cheerleader" moms, here's a tidbit for you! A friend of mine told me today that she took her kindegarten daughter to a cheerleading meeting last night. Do you know how much it costs to be a cheerleader at an elementary school these days? Try $285!!! Now, that includes the uniform, socks, sweats, bag, etc., but STILL!!! $285 bucks! I nearly fell out of my chair! Heck, by the time Alise is in kindegarten, it will be $350!!! Wayne's just hoping and praying that his little girl doesn't want to be a cheerleader!

Speaking of Daddy and his little girl....this weekend, Wayne bought Alise a camoflauge t-shirt. It was laying on her dresser this morning when I was trying to get her dressed for school. I picked it up and said, "Alise, we don't like this color. Yucky color! Yuck! Bleh!" She just smiled. I've got to teach her early or she'll be hooked fer sure!!

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