Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Okay. I'm just going to call it PMS. Alise was absolutely perfect tonight. She only got fussy one time and that was on the way home. I pretended like I was ignoring her and it didn't last long. God help us on the days that traffic moves slowly on the way to or from school!!

I noticed today that Alise is changing again. She just looks "different." I can't explain it. Her facial features and mannerisms are changing. Her car seat use to look so big and now it seems that it finally fits her...or she fits it. I love it when she smiles at me. I am concerned, though, that her language skills aren't more pronounce. Everyone told me after the ear surgery that she was just going to be talking away and that really hasn't happened. She talks...maybe I'm just expecting more. We practice saying "one, two, three" and "A,B,C" in the car everyday. She does good with "A." She can use her pointer finger and show me one, but she just looks at me when I say, "Alise, how old are you?"

She is still in love with her shoes, only this morning, it was her tenny shoes and not the pink crocs. I made sure she didn't see those things this morning!! Tonight, after her bath, she wanted to put her shoes back on. I don't understand why she has become so obsessed with shoes lately.

I'm having the worst luck finding Alise a fall smocked dress. I've been to all the specialty shops in town and nobody has any. I'm told they are ordered and will be in soon. I did find a Raggady Ann smocked dress on www.orientexpressed.com that I will probably order.

I've got to go to Atlanta in October for some "continuing education" for my CPA designation. I think Wayne might go with me. The hospital will pay for my airfare, hotel and food. All we will have to pay for is Wayne's airfare and his food. We were just talking about where we would go if we could get away for a few days. My mom has agreed to keep Alise while we're gone. Of course, the Falcons don't have a home game, but our hotel does have a spa and a mall nearby. I'll be fine...don't know about Wayne.

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