Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tuesday, August 1, 2006 - Updated 11:10AM

Alise is asleep. She didn't eat much for lunch, but she seems to be very thirsty. She ate a few crackers, took a few bites of chicken noodle soup, and a jar of apples. Before I took her out of her highchair, I said, "Alise, do you want Mommie to go put you in your bed?" She nodded her head yes.

I must say that I did rather well this morning. I only teared up a few times and I was able to walk out of ASU without crying. When we were called back, Alise started wailing. It was so funny the way she treated her gown. She kept touching it as if it had a disease and pushing it away. Getting the gown on her was probably the hardest part...that, and letting the nurse take her blood pressure and temperature. You would think the nurse was killing her! I was so embarrassed and tried my best to keep her quiet since the only thing that was separating us from the other patients was a mere curtain. I kept telling Alise that she was going to "meet Mommie's friends. They've never seen you before and they want to meet you." When Robin finally came back to get her, she held her Raggady Ann doll and went to Robin. Moma and I were able to slip out, but just as we were opening the door to go back in the waiting room, I heard her begin to cry. Everyone in surgery told me that she was fine, so I choose to think she truly was.

I'll never forget how Alise looked when I saw her in recovery. I could tell she had been crying and she was hooked up to all these machines. She looked bad because of course, she had just gotten out of surgery. I had a selfish moment and silently thanked God that Alise was healthy and that we have not had any major problems with her. Some parents are not as fortunate. The nurse was holding her and at that moment, all I wanted to do was hold my baby....wires and all, I just wanted to hold her.

Alise is a popular little girl today. All her friends have called to check on her. Everyone has been so sweet!

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