Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday, August 3, 2006

I think I have a new daughter. Alise was absolutely perfect today! She didn't whine on the way to daycare; she went with me and Wayne tonight to Walmart and ate her chicken nuggets from Burger King without trying to leap out of the highchair; she was great in Walmart and only wanted to get out of the buggy.She would let me and Wayne hold her and not try to jump out of our arms to get down. This morning, she played and ran and "hid" from me. She just acted alot different today and I can't help but wonder if it's because of the tubes we had put in on Tuesday? Could it really be that she's feeling that much better? Or is she just having a "good day"? Alise has never been a bad baby, but some days the whining is at an all time high!

Speaking of this morning, since Tuesday, Alise has been doing something that she NEVER does! For the last two mornings, she's been waking up at 6:00. This morning, actually, it was before 6:00!!! She normally doesn't get up until 7:00 and most of the time I have to wake her up. Do you know how hard it is to get dressed for work with a one year old in the mornings? Tonight she went to bed shortly after 8:00 so I'm curious to see how long she is going to sleep in the morning.

Alise's bottom is still red, but it looks better than it did yesterday. She would actually sit down in the bathtub tonight and play. She let me give her a bath without screaming. I think my mom's suggestion of using a bigger diaper has helped some. I took some bigger sizes to the daycare today for them to use. She didn't scream hardly at all tonight when I had to change and clean her up.

I forgot to mention yesterday that Wayne bought Baby Girl some new shoes. Daddy did good!!! They are SO cute! They are pink and purple Nike sandals. I can't describe what they feel like....maybe they're made of neoprine? Not sure, but undoubtedly, Alise LOVES them!!! This morning, while I was in the bathtub, she brought me her sandals. I said, "Baby, it's not time to put your shoes on. (It was freaking 6:15 in the morning!!!!) We'll put your shoes on when we get ready to go see Ms. Sandy." So she left them on the bathroom floor. When I asked her later where her shoes were, she brought them to me. She was bent on wearing those shoes today! Then, when we got to daycare, Ms. Sandy said, "Oh, Alise! You've got some new shoes on! Look at your new shoes!" I watched her and Alise looked down at her feet and smiled. I had to tell Ms. Sandy who had bought them for her. They are just too cute! I've never seen any like them. We're still searching all over town for some crocs! By the time we find some her size, they will be out of style!

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  1. I called last night to check on her, but no one answered. I'm beach-bound tomorrow, but if you call me before I hit roaming, I'll be able to answer! Let me know how she's doing...