Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Alise's foot has grown!! She has virtually skipped a size 4 and has gone straight into a size 5 in shoes. This morning, I was trying to put on a pair of sandals (size 4) that I just bought last month. She couldn't get her foot in them!! I think I already told you that sh'e just nearly outgrown the size 4 crocs I got her two weeks ago. Last weekend, I found a size 5 in the pink, so I picked them up. I'm just shocked that her foot has grown so much over night!!

I've been talking up about spending the day with Nana & Papaw on Saturday. This morning when I asked her--she was eating her cereal and drinking her milk sippie at her table--she shook her yes that she was going. This afternoon on the way home, I asked her again if she was going to go and she shook her head no. We'll see.

Last night, I was showing Alise a picture of herself (when she was six months old). I asked her, "Do you know who this is?" and she said, "Kay-kay!!" I laughed and said, "No, silly! This is YOU!! This is Leesy!" I don't think she got it. But she drives me absolutley nuts in the mornings pointing at Wayne in a picture in our bedroom saying, "Da-Da! Da-Da!" I always have to say, "Yes, baby. That's da-da."

I think it's time to get Alise a toothbrush. Yesterday morning, I was brushing her teeth with this little rubber finger tip brush. When I was brushing her teeth, she nearly bit my finger off!!! We've got eight teeth now, so I think it's time for her own toothbrush. Even though our "brushing" won't amount to anything (she likes to suck the toothpaste off the brush), I sure don't want to be missing a finger in the future!

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