Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday, August 6, 2006

We had another busy weekend. Wayne took me and Alise to Jackson on Friday evening and we spent the night in a hotel in Pearl. On Saturday, Daddy dropped us up off at the mall while he went to the "Hunter's Extravaganza" at the Jackson Fairgrounds. Alise and I felt "priviledged" to go because daddy normally goes with his friends. He decided to take "his girls" this year. Alise and I had a busy day shopping. We weren't at the mall an hour and I had already bought six pairs of shoes....four for Alise and two for me. I found some crocs (off brand) in Alise's size so I bought two pairs....a pink pair and a brown pair for fall. Alise is in LOVE with her pink crocs!! All the other little girls have them at her school and so she recognized them in the store. (She had to sleep with them this afternoon when she took her nap). Then, I bought her two more pairs of shoes (one pair at half price) at the Stride-Rite store. Then we bought clothes at Gymboree and The Children's Place; I think she's ready for fall except for church dresses. I got her THE cutest blue jeans and shawl/poncho at The Children's Place. She had Chic-fil-a nuggets for the second time and a chocolate chip cookie (a small one) for the first time. She had it all over her!! But by one o'clock, she was in her "melt-down" mood (fighting a nap) and I finally had to call Wayne. Her diaper had leaked on her clothes, she had my diet coke all over the front of her shirt, and we had lost two passies. It was time for daddy!!

On Friday before we left, Aunt Donna and Uncle Steve came by bearing gifts! They gave Alise her first tricycle and a "popper" walking toy. She took off running down the hall and that thing was going "pow, pow! pow, pow, pow!" Aunt Donna and Uncle Steve are Alise's new friends. When it got time for them to go, Alise wanted to go with them!! She wouldn't have anything to do with me or Wayne! So we let Alise go with them down the street to Casey and Chad's trailer and we picked her up when we left town. I am so glad that Alise is getting to know her Aunt and Uncle. They think the world of her and I hope that she'll grow up thinking the world of them, too!!

We bought Alise an Old Navy bluejean cap yesterday. So today after church, we were talking it up about Alise wearing her new hat and shoes to Nana & Papaw's this afternoon (bad mistake because it was before nap time and that's why she had to end up sleeping with her crocs at naptime). Well, we got in the car to go and she wouldn't wear her hat! Even after Papaw put his on, she wouldn't wear her's. But when we got home, there was a hot breeze blowing and Alise wanted to ride in her pink car. Guess what! She wore her hat! She wouldn't wear her sunglasses, but she wore her hat! Too cute!!

This morning, I heard Wayne say something to Alise that made me smile. I was in our bathroom finishing up my make up before we left to go to church. Wayne had just hollered to me, "Where are Alise's shoes?" And I hollered back, "I don't know? Look for them!! Maybe in her drawer?" He must have found them, because the next thing I heard him say was, "Com'ere, Cinderella. Let's put on this glass slipper." I found myself smiling in the mirror. Sometimes Daddy just says the darndest things!!

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