Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday, August 26, 2006

I had a dream last night that I was driving on Hwy 594 in front of my ala mater (Ouachita High School) very fast. I passed three cars all together at 90 miles per hour. The lights at the train track were flashing and the guard rails had already come down, but I flew right in to them, missing the train. On the other side of the tracks, by the GM (Delphi) plant sat a police car. I got a ticket for speeding and another for running through the train tracks and into the guard rails. I dreamed that I had to plead my case (that I was driving at a high rate of speed because I needed to pass three cars) to Judge Ingram (who is now dead. I knew him from my days of auditing at the Parish Court House. He was the chief judge at the time.). He tore my ticket up and told me I could go. I woke up thinking that is just what my life feels like. I feel like I'm constantly running at this fast pace of speed and I am about to hit a brick wall. It's like I know it's coming....I know it's about to happen...the only question is when.

And to feel even worse today, Bill preached about being successful. His sermon was based on Matthew 20, when James & John's mother asked Christ that both her sons be seated on his right and left. Bill's three points were: 1) Change your thinking about success, 2) Change the "me" to "them" and right now I can't remember what the third was. I sat there thinking that this was NOT what I needed to be hearing today! I have become so rebellious! My heart is so hardened by the things I'm going through at work. I sat there thinking to myself, "Well, I'll change the "me" into "them" once I have the chance to tell "them" what "I" think!." I know my Christian friends are seeing a side of me that they've probably never seen. I don't usually let my frustrations show. But I am so tired of just being the "servant" right now.

Let's change the subject.....

Alise did NOT get her nap out this afternoon. She was a pill and a half today!! Pitching fits and whining most of the day. She tries to see how far she can push something before she gets into trouble. The "spatting of the hands" is becoming more and more frequent. I will say that it seems she is finally becoming attached to something. I've noticed this past week, that she loves to carry a particuliar pink blanket around with her. I bought the blanket at Avenue Kids the day I found out that I was having a little girl. It has ruffles around the edges and normally, Wayne and I would use it late at night to cover her up before we went to bed (because it was thin. Alise is so hot natured and normally does not like to be covered up). She spent some time with me this afternoon looking through her baby album and putting some pictures in a collage frame that I bought ages ago and just never got around to putting her pictures in. We looked at the "baby" and "Papaw" and "Da-Da." Too cute. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon watching "Clifford, the Big Red Dog." She loves Clifford!!

I was trying to make plans for next weekend. Nana and Papaw stopped by this afternoon on their way back from Michael's. Miss Brooklyn will be gracing us with her presence next weekend. Moma is picking her up next Thursday and will carry her back the following Monday. I'm excited about that! The cousins haven't seen each other since June. So we'll probably do something with my parents some time next weekend. We'll check with Aunt Donna and Uncle Steve to see what they're up to next weekend. I feel like we need to have an "end of the summer" bash!!

I've about given up on getting any good shots of Alise for the Baby Contest. The best pictures seem to be those that I posted last week. She just won't look at the camera and if she does look at you, she's got that stupid passy in her mouth (We're working on that! Trying to get in the habit of only needing it at nap time and night time. That was probably why she was so cranky this afternoon and OH! Another reason for getting her hands spatted today because she threw her passy again on the road when I told her not to!! God, give me strength! I seem to be saying that more and more lately!)

Check out Katie's new pictures at her website And if you're interested in the conference I went to yesterday, go to

And another thing. I found a really good recipe....out of a box! Get the Hamburger Helper "Tuna" chicken tezzrzini and bake it according to the directions except for using tuna, use chicken out of a can or a air tight pouch. It tastes really good and Alise loves it. Wayne even ate some tonight and he hates stuff like that. Oh, well, that's what was for supper and beggars can't be choosers!!!

Somebody give me some drugs!!!

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