Saturday, August 26, 2006

Saturday, August 27, 2006

hen I get to heaven, I hope I have a voice like Sandi Patty. I use to think I wanted a voice like Sheila Walsh, but I've changed my mind (no offense, Sheila). Today I went to the "Mom's Conference" at First Baptist Church West Monroe and it was worth the $60 bucks just to hear Sandi Patty sing, "How Great Thou Art." She was amazing!! The conference has been here for a few years, but it was the first time I've ever gotten to go (and I thought that if I didn't hurry up and go, I'd never get to see Sandi Patty or Choundra Pierce--who, by the way, is absolutely hilarious!!!). I've always liked Sandi Patty's music, but it wasn't until Bill spoke about her about a year ago in one of his sermons that I really became interested in Sandi the person. Wayne got me her book, "Broken on the Back Row" for Christmas last year and I read it in about two days. I was saddened to learn about her "troubles" and like most of the media and her fans, I wondered if she could be "forgiven." I know that she is forgiven by Christ, but as a Christian myself, it was hard for me to understand the choices that she made. My heart went out to her because how she was shunned by others (She almost had to give her Dove & Grammy Awards back). She didn't really touch on that part of her life today, but I heard other women whispering behind me. I knew what they were talking about. I think I am going to read the book again before I donate it to our church library. Maybe now that I've seen her in person, the book will come across a little differently.

The main topic that Sandi talked about today was the subject of "blended families." Sandi had four children of her own from her previous marriage and her husband, Don, had three. After they married, they adopted a little boy named Sam. One of the things she said with regards to blended families is that there is always a loss--either a loss because of a death or a loss because of a divorce. She asked the audience how many were part of a blended family. I didn't realize until everyone had put their hands down that I should have raised mine. I never considered myself part of a blended family and never thought I would be, but because of the loss of Wayne's dad, I guess I am now. Maybe I didn't raise my hand because my "blended" family doesn't really seem like one after all. We never see them; have no relationship with them and probably wouldn't recognize them if we saw them on the street. So are we a family? Does sitting in a livingroom at different tables for Christmas constitute a "family gathering"? Another speaker said today that we all "have our own messes as families." Boy, do we ever! It's crazy. Absolutely crazy. And it really angers me.

Uncle Steve and Aunt Donna popped in again today on their way to yet another "mowing." Talk about family. They are the only ones on Wayne's side of the family that care anything about Alise. They treat her like she is their own granddaughter and for that, I am thankful. Thankful that Alise has an aunt and uncle who love her and think the world of her.

By the way, I called Orient Express yesterday to check on the status of the Raggady Ann dress that I ordered for Alise (I was hoping it would be in before Tuesday for her pictures). They told me it was on back order. I was like, "THat's not what it said on the internet". Anyway, to make a long story short, the dress is on backorder and there is no way it will be in on time for Tuesday. Looks like my luck really stinks right now.

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