Sunday, August 20, 2006

Pretty in Pink

I don't normally buy "People." I don't buy the magzine simply because I really don't care about the latest Hollywood sightings and gossip or the stick-thin actresses that remind me of my own shortcomings. Hollywood is totally different planet compared to my little world here in Louisiana and for that, I know I should be thankful. As a Christian, I know there should be other things I should be interested in rather than who's dating who and who wore the latest Vera Wang dress.

Now that I've told you why I don't buy People magazine, let me tell you why I bought this particuliar issue: I really don't know. Maybe it was because I was standing in the longest line at Walmart on a Friday night and I was bored. Maybe it was because the magazine had Brittney Spears on the front (who I really don't like...sorry, Brian) and she's a Louisiana girl and all...about to have her baby and okay, maybe I was just a slight bit interested on exactly how this woman was going to loose this 50 pounds she's put on by having two babies back-to-back. (Sorry, Brit, but I've got one up on least I didn't gain 50 pounds when I was pregnant!!)

I'm getting somewhere with this....stay with me.

The other day, I visited a friend's blog and she had a clip from "Dirty Dancing" posted. She said that was her all time favorite movie. I commented on her blog and said, "Amy! You're too young to know anything about the movie "Dirty Dancing"! That movie came out when I was a freshmen in high school!!!" She just reminded me how old I was.

Now, back to the people magazine. There was an article that read, "Omigod--It's been 20 Years: Pretty in Pink." I nearly fell off the couch! I moaned outloud and Wayne said, "What is it? What's wrong?" I said, "Pretty in Pink is 20 years old!!" He looked at me like I had lost my mind!Talk about feeling old!!! Pretty in Pink came out BEFORE Dirty Dancing. I was in the sixth grade!!! My mom wouldn't let me see it (She wouldn't let me see DD, either!) and I can still remember watching it (and DD) for the first time (years later) one of those many nights when I slept over at Carrie's. Thearticle had pictures of Blane (Andrew McCarty..who STILL looks awesome!), Andie (Molly Ringwald)and of course, the geek, Duckie (Jon Cryer)! And that awful prom dress!!!!
Here are some PIP trivia I want to share just because it's my blog and I can if I want to:

--"The" prom dress that Andi wore was sold in a movie-props
action a few years ago.
--Anthony Michael Hall passed on the role of Duckie
--The chemistry between McCarthy & Ringwald was "manipulated"
--The ending was reshot and McCarthy wore a wig in the final scene

For you "babies" out there....these are ths actors that show up on that VH1 show "Where Are They Now?" I don't want to spoil the whole article, but if there are any other 80's kids out there, I'll be glad to send you the magazine before it goes in the trash.

I will not buy People magazine.
I will not buy People magazine.
I will not buy People magazine.

(I just thought about something....if PIP is 20 years old, then that means that "Freddie Kruger" should be 20 years old, too. I remember these two movies being at the mall at the same time.)

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