Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday, August 28, 2006

For all those that complain I don't post enough are off the press!! They were taken just tonight. Doesn't Baby Girl look cute in her sequined top and gouchos? Notice the pink shoes, too. We've been wasting a ton of disk space trying to get a good picture of Alise for the newspaper's baby contest. It seems like the "bath" pictures are the best ones and that is certainly not what I wanted to send in for the contest. By the way, I will be updating the photo website this weekend after our Labor Day "festivities." Stay tuned.

To make a VERY long story short, I had a meeting today with my boss and the CFO of the hospital. I won't waste my time typing the whole conversation out because, frankly, it's not worth it. I am still frustrated (maybe not exactly "mad" anymore) and still feel like my issues and concerns were skirted against, but I was able to get everything off my chest. I feel like I can move forward and that's been something that I haven't been able to do in the past five days. Oh, and by the way, the third point of Bill's sermon on Sunday was to "serve God and not man." I'm still working on and thinking about those three points.

Well, tomorrow is the day! I was suppose to be off, but because I am so far behind and I want to take off next Monday, I've decided to work until 2:30 when I will pick Alise up for her pictures. My mom is going to go with me to help "corral" Alise. When I talked to Mirya and my friend Tiffany about having their daughter's first birthday pictures made, each one said that it was "an experience" because the girls were walking. I'm curious to see if Alise will be running all over the place, too. Lucy Holtzclaw scares Alise to death. It's too funny.

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