Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday, August 14, 2006 7:23 PM

Another stick and another three vials of blood. Undoubtedly, this particuliar blood test that Alise is having done is very rare. The admissions clerk had to call the lab to get the CPT code for the billing. She also told me that I had very good insurance....the tests in total would normally have cost a little over $1,000. I only had to pay $47.84. Thank you, God.

Alise did much better this time. But after three sticks, you'd know what to expect, too. Alise started out crying, but because her blood seemed to be rather slow today, there were a few instances when she stopped and just watched what the nurse was doing. She still had these big alligator tears running down her face, though. Afterwards, we had to wait about five minutes longer so the tech could "spin" Alise's blood to make sure it was still "good." I think she was worried that because the draw took so long that the blood wouldn't be testable (the same reason Dr. Dugas thought maybe the test had been skewed the first time).

On a happier note, I'm wanting to enter Alise in the Baby Photo Contest that our local newspaper is having. Wayne thinks I'm crazy, but I don't care. Alise deserves to have her face in the paper as well as any other baby in town! So probably for the next week, we'll be snapping pictures around here like crazy. I got some tonight when Wayne and Alise were driving around in her pink car. She still refuses to look at the camera. I'll send the link to the paper once the link is published and voting is permitted. I think it will be some time in September.

It was murder tonight trying to wash Alise's hair with her new ear plugs in. I told her, "Baby Girl, you're just going to hafta get use to this because this is your life, now." She just screamed louder!! It was the first time we used them and she actually pulled one out while I was washing her hair. Wayne and I were both freaking out! So we put some of the antibiotic drops that Dr. Dugas had given us in her ears before she went to bed and prayed that they wouldn't get infected again this quickly. Her ear plugs are hot pink! Too cute! Can ear plugs be cute?

Alise is VERY jealous when Wayne and I are playing "huggy - kissy" with each other and we do it on purpose so Alise will react. She likes to get in the middle of us and we have "family hug time." But if it's just me and Wayne, she starts whining and tries to pull us away from one another. She's a very jealous little girl when it comes to her moma and daddy.

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  1. Mirya Mason12:52 PM

    Hey Girl! I just wanted you to know Alise is in our prayers. We all hope her test come back alright. I won't call you until Friday (since you probably won't know anything until then)to find out about the test. I think the photo contest is a great idea - Good Luck! Give Alise hugs and kisses for us. By the way, we are still practicing with Katie on saying Alise's name. So far she comes out with "Ise". Talk to ya'll later.