Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


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I have to tell you what happened this morning when I dropped Alise off at daycare. It was so sweet! This week, Alise has been kinda "ansy" when I drop her off in the mornings; she's been clingy. Ms. Sandy wasn't there today and when I was leaving, one of the little girls (she must have been about two years old) ran up to Alise and said, "Hey Alise!" Alise just looked at her. The little girl said, "Alise is my friend." I said, "She is?" Alise looked at me. Then the little girl offered her a toy and off they went! I wanted to cry. It was so sweet.

Well, I have Alise's whole surgery planned....right down to the nurses and anesthesiologist! She is already pre-registered to have her blood work done on Friday, so we won't have to wait. When I called the surgery department yesterday, I asked if Alise was on the schedule for Tuesday. Teresa (the secretary) told me she was and I told her who I wanted working on Alise's case. The same anesthesiologist that gave me my epidural when I had Alise is going to be there and one of my favorite nurses, Robyn, will be in there, also. When I asked if I could be in the operating room, Teresa hesitated and said that I would have to check with Dr. Dugas, but that I probably wouldn't be able to. I asked in jest; I'm sure Dr. Dugas will not let me. He's probably already hacked at me for having the surgery at North. I think he likes to do most of his cases at Monroe Surgical since he is part owner there. Sorry, Doc, but I can go where I want to go. I have total faith in our surgery department (Having "budget control" really pays off!!).

Tonight after I picked Alise up, we went to see Nana and Papaw. Today is Nana's birthday. They were excited about seeing her since they missed their weekly visit this weekend. Alise was so sweet and Papaw took her for a wagon ride.

My heart just broke yesterday when I heard a news report on the radio about a mother and father who had been arrested for shaking their two month old daughter to death. The story really hit home when the daughter's name was announced...Alyse Marie (another way to spell Alise). I just can't understand how someone could do that. Then, this morning, the headlines of the paper said something to the effect that this is not the first time this couple has had a child die. Last summer, their son died from "unexplainable causes." My heart just breaks that this world has become so hateful and mean that parents have resorted to taking the lives of their children. When I was growing up, it was child abuse that you heard about. Now days, you hear stories of mothers drowning their children in the bathtub, leaving them in the car and driving the car off in a river, or leaving them in the car during the heat of summer so the parents can go to the casino to gamble. Have parents lost their minds?! Children are a blessing from God. I panic when Alise lets go of my hand for a few seconds in the morning while I get her lunch box out of the car so we can walk into her daycare!! After reading the story, it just made me want to hold on to Alise more and never let her go. For the complete story, visit

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