Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tuesday, July 11, 2005

We STILL have an ear infection!!!! Both ears are STILL infected! I took Alise to see Dr. Stanley this afternoon. Before he looked at her ears, he asked, "Okay, Mom. What do you think? How has she been acting? Is she back to her normal self?" I said, "If I had to bet, I'd say she still has the infection." After he looked at her ears he said, "Well, mom you're right. Both ears are still red." My heart just dropped. I was so disappointed and Dr. Stanley even said that he was surprised that her ears were still infected because we used such an aggressive treatment last time. He told me that we weren't at the "end of our rope" but that I needed to start thinking about an ENT doctor. He prescribed ANOTHER antibiotic, but no shot this time, and said he wanted to see us in about another month. After that, if her ears still weren't cleared up, we would need to consult an ENT. I've decided that if it does come down to us having to have buttons, I will probably go with Dr. Mickey (her mom, Dr. Fichter, was my pediatrician).

Alise was "mowing" all over our feet tonight! I think she took one of Wayne's toes off tonight. Uncle Steve would be proud.

We went to gymnastics last night. Alise did good again. Daddy was there. The schedule for the fall is out. I'm still debating on whether or not I am going to keep her in it. The price is pretty steep. There is a $35 registration fee and then it's either $45 a month or $160 for September through December. I wish they had a price for "every-other week." I need to talk to Wayne about it some more. He had her turning flips on our bed tonight!! She loves to play on our bed!


  1. don't be too concerned about getting buttons. think about it, if you do, she'll finally get better!

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