Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday, July 13, 2006

My daughter totally blew me away tonight! We were playing in the living room and her latest thing this week is to sit in her daddy's recliner and rock. I normally sit with her, but tonight, I was letting her sit by herself and I was sitting on the floor in front of her. I said, "Leesy? Where's your toes?" She pointed to her toes. I praised her and thought that was ironic because we've never talked about her toes before. Next, I said, "Pat your belly." That one she knows. Suddenly, I said, "Alise! Where's your nose?" And that little woman pointed to her nose!!! I couldn't believe it. I started screaming and said, "Yeah, Alise! Mommie is so proud of you." She started laughing like I was if she's always been able to do that. Huh! You must understand. We've been practicing the "touch your nose" thing for probably four months. She'll touch everybody else's nose but her own. Not tonight. I couldn't believe it!! Of course, I tried it the rest of the night...asking her to touch her nose...and she just ignored me.

I can tell that we're going to have problems in the future with Alise's mouth! She's been talking of course. Even Ms. Sandy commented today that "if we only we knew what she was saying." She said Alise talks all the time. I let Alise take her Barney DVD (our only one) to school today because they are studing beach themes. Ms. Sandy said that when she turned the DVD on that Alise was absolutly glued to the TV! I told her that she won't watch it at home.

She is growing up so fast!! She's grown so much in her actions and understanding just from going to a new school for a month! I can't get over how she is maturing and learning things. She is totally independent and fearless. She repeats every word you say even though it doesn't come out like is should. Some words like duck and dog are clear, but you should hear her try to pronounce apple or banana! It's funny! Her hair is growing, too. Every night, now, when we get a bath, the ends of her hair get wet when I wash her neck. That use to never happen.

This morning when we were putting her shoes on, there was a pictrue of Katie near by. I showed the picture to Alise and said, "Do you know who this is? That's Kay-Kay. We're going to Kay-Kay's birthday party next week." She pointed to the picture. We're going to talk it up this week! We mailed Katie's birthday present today!


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