Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sunday, July 9, 2006

Whew! What a weekend! And I can't even think of what we did!! Maybe it was the fact that I got up at five o'clock this morning to go into work early? I'm not even going to go there....

Friday night, Aunt Donna came by for a visit and Alise gave her a kiss before she left. I think that made Aunt Donna's day!

On Saturday, I got an email from Mirya about all of Katie's birthday party details. She is just as excited about Katie's party as I was about Alise's! We are so excited about going. I've started my packing list already! I went to the Dollar Store and picked up some odds and ends to keep Alise occupied on the way to Alabama in a few weeks. Just some new books, colors and shapes flashcards, a drawing doodle...those kinds of things.

Alise is fighting a runny nose. We've been off the antibiotics (for the ear infection) for a few days and the runny nose and congestion starts. I had something Dr. Stanley had prescribed before and so I've been giving that to her. I'm going to call tomorrow and schedule an appointment for this week to have her ears rechecked since he wanted to see us in two weeks. Pray that her ears are okay. I certainly don't want to go the buttons route.

Alise now has a total of six teeth...four on bottom and two on top. (I think I've already wrote about that before) Her new obsession is the refrigerator. She loves for one of us to open it. She just stands there and stares at everything and wants to touch everything on the shelves in the door. She knows which drawer the cheese is in (her new food fascination) and which drawer her "milk sippies" (Pediasure) are in. She also likes the dishwasher. When one of us is trying to load it, she thinks its a great time to throw all of her toys in, too! We normally have to wait until she's in the bed to load the dishwasher because it causes such a fiasco. She tried to throw her baby in it the other day!!! I said, "No ma'am! Have you lost your mind? I didn't pay $50 for that baby doll for you to throw her in the dishwasher!!" Then Wayne gets on to me for yelling at her (i wasn't really yelling). I guess he didn't hear the $50 part!

Tonight I made hamburger helper for Alise's supper (I normally have to cook twice each meal for Alise and another for me and Wayne so don't be complaining to me about the Hamburger Helper thing. Wayne refuses to eat it!). I think she's going to be a ketchup-olic like
her mom. I put some ketchup on it and stirred it up and cut the noodles up really good and she stuffed herself! She's having left-overs tomorrow for have a good lunch so we can go to gymnastics tomorrow night.

I took Alise to the grocery store with me early Saturday morning (around 9 o'clock) and she made a spectacle of herself! Thank goodness there weren't alot of people in there! You could hear her screaming all over the store! Now that she's walking, it is so hard to push her in anything. She was wanting out of that buggy!! She would much rather walk around and touch everything. It is the neatest thing to see her growing up right before my eyes and just experiencing everything!

We went outside tonight (Wayne had to go to church for a Deacon's meeting) and Alise took her lawnmower outside. Uncle Steve would be proud! I tried to get a picture of her, but the camera was out of disk space. Anyway, she "mowed" all over the concrete. It was much harder to mow in the grass. We blew bubbles and I pushed her in her pink car. I thought about all the planning I needed to do for the big swimming party at our house in a few weeks with our play group.

Check out our gymnastics & 4th of July pictures at


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