Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday, July 30, 2006

It's 10:00 Sunday night and I am exhausted!!
We've been on the go all weekend! Of course, Friday was the day we had to have blood work done at the hospital (see below for that ordeal). On Saturday morning, Wayne ran some errands while me and Baby Girl camped out with the A/C at home. We colored, worked puzzles, read books and went outside for a ride in our pink car. I finally convinced Alise to put on her sunglasses! The sun was so bright that she was holding her head down while we strolled around the neighborhood. I asked her, "Alise? Do you want Mommie to put your sunglasses on?" She nodded her head (We've got this great communication thing going on these days, by the way). Of course, I had to get a pictures because she looked so cute! I've got some other pictures from this weekend that I will post on some time this week (I know...I'm behind!).

Last night, Wayne and I had a "date." We went out to eat with Nana & Papaw to celebrate their's and Wayne's birthdays. Amie baby-sat for us. Wayne and I went to see "You, Me, & Dupree" after dinner.

Today we went to church and while we were eating lunch, Aunt Donna called and asked if we wanted to go out to eat with her and Uncle Steve. We said yes, so tonight we went out to eat at OutBack. Alise was SO good! She got ansy on the way home, but by then it was an nearly an hour past her bed time and she was SO sleepy! She kissed Uncle Steve and Aunt Donna good-night and went to bed.

Earlier this afternoon, Nana went with me and Alise to an arts and craft show in West Monroe. We weren't there very long because we didn't buy anything, so we decided to go see my grandmother--Alise's great-grandmother. She was glad to see us and Alise totally "showed off." Grandma said that Alise looks like me when I was her age.

I spoke to Dr. Dugas' wife this morning. She sings behind me in the choir. I told her that her husband was putting tubes and taking out the adnoids of "my daughter" on Tuesday. She said, "Oh, no. Really? Well, I know she'll be fine." I told her that I knew she would, but that she was my baby. She said she understood. Maybe she'll pass the word on to her husband. Tomorrow we go back to see Dr. Dugas at 2:45 for a pre-op appointment. Tomorrow they will tell us what time we need to be at the hospital on Tuesday morning. I am assuming it will be 6:00. I am taking off work on Tuesday and Alise will stay with my mom on Wednesday. If everything goes well, Alise will be back at daycare on Thursday.

I think this week I am going to order a table and chairs set for Alise off She needs somewhere to eat and do things like color and work puzzles (her new favorite thing). I'm not wild about her using our coffee table to put her sippy cups on and now that she's beginning to take an interest in coloring, I'm afraid of where all those colors may end up! When I use to babysit, the Russell's and Evans' always had a special table set that the kids could eat at in the living room and still watch TV. I thought that was neat. Anyway, I found a set that I like so if Wayne "approves," I'll order it this week.

Check out this site: This was a vendor at the arts and craft show today that had some really cute stuff. You can order on-line. The brag books were SO cute! Kathy was very nice.

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