Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday, July 2, 2006

This afternoon, we went to the local library with our playgroup to see Farmer Minor and Daisy, the black pot-belly pig. Daisy is a pretty important pig! She travels all across the United States encouraging children to read. She's also the only pig to ever grace the White House and Alise and the others loved getting to pet her. If the children all pledged to Daisy that they would "read more books," Ms. Thelnita, the librarian, had to kiss Daisy. Check out our sister web site at to see if Daisy got a kiss after all!

Alise was precious in her "Fourth of July" flag dress. (The picture isn't very clear because Moma took it) We celebrated the 4th at church today and she got so many compliments on her dress. We saw Ms. Maxine Fleming and Ms. Ella Causey and they both thought Alise was a "very pretty" little girl.

Alise was in a much better mood today. She was happy and played most of the day. We went for a ride to Bastrop and we gave her M&Ms for the first time. By the time we got home, she had chocolate all over her!

I think I figured out why Alise has been especially grouchy this weekend. Wayne and I discovered another tooth on the bottom this morning. We're cutting our fifth tooth and still missing the top front teeth!

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