Saturday, July 01, 2006

Saturday, July 1, 2006

I had to include a picture of my baby girl tonight. It's not very good because she moved, but this is a shot of her getting "comfortable" in her princess chair & ottoman!

It was "Melt Down City" in our world today!! I don't know what Alise's problem was today, but she was CRANKY!!! Oh my goodness, the whining drove me crazy!! I know she still isn't feeling good. She cried out at 6:30 this morning and I put her in bed with us and she went back to sleep. I have yet to see her pulling at her ears, but they still must be bothering her. I had to give her Tylenol twice today and she still isn't eating like she normally does. I think she was running fever again because when she woke up from her afternoon nap, she was ringing wet with sweat. I am SO ready to get over this infection!!

Nana babysat for us tonight while Wayne and I went out to dinner at Chili's and used his gift card that he got from work. It was nice to get out for a while. I made the suggestion to Wayne that we needed to start doing it every Saturday night. He asked, "Why?" Duh!!

I have to tell you about the CD that our cousins, Doug, Mirya, and Katie sent to us this week. On the CD are all the pictures from Katie's website ( of Alise's birthday. The pictures have been put to music. Last night, Wayne and Alise were asleep and I was up late (watching the "Philosophy" program on QVC). I sat on the couch and cried when I watched the CD!! The music was perfect. As I watched and listened to the CD, I was reminded of that special day with my baby girl. We had all the people that we loved and meant so much to us there and I thought it was perfect. It was so nice to be able to relive the day through pictures. I tried to imagine what my life was like before Alise was born and it was so hard because that time seems so long ago. I thought about Doug and Mirya and how much the four of us have been blessed with daughters in the same year. God is so good and his timing is always perfect.

I am beginning to "talk" to Alise about Katie and mentioning her birthday. This morning, I showed her a picture of Katie. She kissed the picture. Wayne said, "Take that away from her. She's going to mess it up!" We're abbreviating Katie's name right now and calling her "Kay-Kay" (I'm sure Doug and Mirya don't appreciate that very much). I told her that we would be going to "Kay-Kay's" birthday in a few weeks. We're going to talk it up more. We have definitly decided to drive to Alabama at night. Alise would never make it during the day. She gets ansy most days just going to school (the ride is a little longer for her).

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  1. Mirya Mason4:00 PM

    Thanks for the cry! It really touched my heart the things you said. You guys will always be very special in our hearts. Since Doug has no brothers or sisters, I consider you his brother and sister. It means a lot to me that you liked the movie. I'm excited about Katie turning a year old (because you want them to grow up), but it has been hard on me. Yes, God has been good to us and I won't have a baby anymore. She a little girl now. It is so sweet about Alise calling Katie "Kay", which is perfectly fine. In fact, when I show Katie her pictures and tell her it is "Baby Katie". Sometimes, she'll repeat back "Baby Kay". So if Katie calls herself "Kay", then I see no reason why Alise can't call her that name. (tehe!) I wish so much we lived closer. I would love to see our girls growing up together and becoming close friends.

    Hugs & Kisses!