Monday, July 03, 2006

Monday, July 3, 2006

Alise did SO good tonight at gymnastics!!! Maybe it was because Daddy was there? Wayne got off early and he met us at Bayou Gymnastics. I couldn't get over the difference this week. Alise was interested in things and she actually jumped on the trampoline, got on the bars, went through the crawling tunnel and went down the slide! She even got on the mats! The class was smaller tonight because of the holiday and I think that might have helped, too. She was still fussy because she was tired and hungry, but she did really well. She didn't hide out this week in the "fort." I was so proud of her. I think she impressed her daddy, too. And YES! I let her in the ball cage tonight! She deserved it! Wayne took pictures and I'll try to publish those tomorrow.

Ms. Sandy was off today. The attendance at Alise's school was low today because of the holiday. She was one of the last two to be picked up tonight. I felt bad about that. But her other teacher said that she had a good day, but that she felt a little warm earlier. There was a note in Alise's cubby that the three year olds would be moving up in August and I'm kinda glad to hear that. I like the idea that some of the older ones in her class will be moving up to the next room.

We got Katie's birthday invitation in the mail today! Yeah! We can't wait!

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