Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday, July 24, 2006


As I said in my last post, we were in Alabama for the weekend to celebrate our cousin Katie's 1st Birthday! We partied all weekend!! Right down to Wayne's favorite Whit's Bar-be-Que and All Steak's orange rolls (Aunt Donna will be jealous!)! Katie was a doll at her party and it was extra special to have grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles and cousins there to help her celebrate! Alise had fun watching her cousin getting to share in all the fun stuff that she got to do two months earlier.

We made it to Cullman about 9:30 Friday night. We checked into the hotel and went straight to Doug and Mirya's. I had been talking up Katie and her party all week and Alise was just beginning to call Katie "Kay-Kay". I think she was excited to finally be able to put a face with a name. She looked at Katie, then looked at me and pointed. I swear she said, "Kay-Kay." They loved and kissed on each other and played well together (except for the one time we had to have a "time out" on Saturday night).

On Saturday morning, Wayne went with his Uncle James and Aunt Vonell to the funeral home because his Grandmother's sister had died. He was glad to see some of his relatives on his mother's side. On Saturday afternoon, we drove to Huntsville to see Wayne's Grandmother. She had just gotten out of the hospital that day from having a battery replaced in her pacemaker, so she wasn't feeling well, and we didn't stay long. Alise gave her Great-Grandmother a kiss and played with her roommate's walker, but she mostly enjoyed running up and down the halls and visiting with the other residents in the nursing home. We found the birds in one of the visiting rooms and so we watched them for a while. The nurses all commented how cute she was!

The party started at 3:00 Sunday and there was food everywhere! Doug grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. Most of the family visited outside under the shade tree. Katie was tossed from one family member to the next. Everyone wanted to hold the "Birthday Girl." Alise got her own share of holding from her own Horton family! Aunt Peggy was like a Grandma to her. We watched Katie (or maybe it was mom Mirya) open her gifts under the shade tree and enjoy her first birthday cake. Mirya was alot smarter than I was...she stripped Katie down before she gave her her very own birthday cake. One of her gifts was a wagon and someone thought about putting the girls in the wagon and pulling them like we did at Alise's party. That was neat! We enjoyed getting to see everybody!

Before we left Cullman, we stopped at McDonald's to get Alise something to eat for supper. By that time, it was 6:15, and Alise had not had a nap all afternoon. She was a walking zombie. Before we even got to the end of Doug and Mirya's subdivision, she was asleep in her car seat! She had a meltdown in McDonald's because I figured she was sick of hamburgers, so I opted for nuggets. I cut them up for her and she freaked out. She wanted a whole nugget to herself. Would you believe she ate a whole nugget by herself? Pretty good for not having any two front teeth (But they are beginning to come in)!! We got home at 12:30 last night. I felt so bad for Wayne and tried to persuade him to call in to work, but he wouldn't do it. He went in to work at 7:15 this morning.

Keep a check on our sister web-site I plan on updating the website with pictures from Katie's party some time this week, but because of limited space, I'll probably only update with pictures from the Horton side of the family. For more pictures, I'm sure you can visit Katie's site at soon to see all the great pictures from that special day!

Tonight was Alise's last night at gymnastics. Nana came to watch her, but she mostly wanted to run around and play with the hula hoops. She didn't even want to get in the ball pit tonight, but I think that's because she was so tired. She did jump on the trampoline and I was so disappointed that she wouldn't even try to do her rolls on the mats. We've been practicing on my bed for two weeks!!!

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