Monday, July 17, 2006

Monday, July 17, 2006

We are getting a new camera!! I am thrilled! Thanks to our cousin Doug for finding us a new one! I was just looking at the latest pictures of Alise (at gymnastics) on our sister-site, and I was just so aggravated!! The pictures are just horrible! I said something to Wayne last week about, "wouldn't it be nice to have a nice camera when we go to Alabama next week?" Well, he called his cousin, Doug found us a camera and the rest is history. Our new Nikon should be here by Wednesday or Thursday.

I think I may have strep throat. My throat really hurts. If I'm not better by Wednesday, I'm going to the doctor. I don't think I'm running any fever and I'm not congested, just a sore throat. My ears pop when I swallow. I've laid around all weekend and yesterday I felt absolutly horrible...had a migraine headache, too. I've been trying not to get in Alise's face because that's all I need is for her to come down sick before this weekend (When I take her to see Dugas on Thursday, I'm going to ask him to check her throat just to make sure!).

Alise's newest thing is getting on our bed and wrestling. As soon as she finishs eating she runs to our bedroom and start hollering for someone to lift her on to the bed. She likes to get on mine or her daddy's back and "ride the horsey." We have finally got her to turn a flip!! We say, "Hands high in the air....touch your toes...head down...and FLIP!...Ta-daaa!" She loves it! We skipped gymnastics tonight. I rescheduled her last class for next week since Addison was out of town. I think I have decided to continue Alise in gymnastics for September and October (We'll take a break in August) only. It will be too hectic during the holidays. We'll see how it goes and what all she is doing and we'll make a decision for spring later.

We've been talking up Katie's party this weekend! Alise and I talked about it today on the way home. I said, "Alise, are you excited about Katie's birthday party this weekend? Are you going to eat cake and sing "Happy Birthday?" She just looks at me. Yesterday, I showed her Katie's picture again and she wanted to hold it and point at Katie. The thing I'm worried about is when she sees Katie's pink car that we got her. I just know Alise is going to recognize the car and think it's hers. I'm sure there will be a melt-down coming!!

OH! And the BEST news is that I bought Alise a pair of gouchos this weekend! Too cute!! They're black and I got them at Dillard's. Now I need to find a cute little top to go with them because I'm not in to all the "Daddy's Girl" and "Princess" tops they had to match. I haven't tried them on her yet, but I know they are going to look adorable!!


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