Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday, July 28, 2006

We just got back from having Alise's hearing test and blood work done. She still has fluid in her ears. The hearing test was really neat. The audiologist had us sit in a sound proof booth and she would say Alise's name or make noises so that Alise would turn to the left or the right. The hearing test results showed that she was border line on hearing loss. The audiologist said that what Alise is hearing sounds like someone talking to her above water. Of course, I panicked, but she said that once the buttons were put in, she would be able to hear SO much better.

The blood work was a different story!! After I signed all the admission papers, we walked down to the lab. Alise knew something was up because she was watching the lady before her have her blood work done and she came over to me and got in my lap. When she and I sat down in the chair, she started screaming. We finally had to end up laying her down while me and another nurse held her down while the other nurse drew her blood. I thought they were just going to prick her finger, but they drew two vials of blood. You can imagine how she was acting. My heart just dropped as I had to hold her and watch her cry. She ended up tearing her hot pink band-aid off and she screamed all the way out of the hospital. I talked to her and told her that she had a "bo-bo." She begin to calm down. Then we went to McDonald's and had lunch. Now she is fast asleep taking her afternoon nap.

I talked to the admissions nurse while she was doing a health and physical on Alise. I asked Suzzone how long I would get to stay with Alise before she had surgery. She said I could stay with her in the admissions area until thenurses came and got her for surgery. Well, that's just not going to work. Of course, I didn't tell her that, but I plan on going back into the ASU area with her. How in the world are they going to console her if I'm not there?

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